My World Vision!

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My World Vision!

One World - One Heart! The following is a free flowing overview of my World Vision - a work in progress. I invite you to share my vision - and beyond.....

I imagine: The world is a One World Community - without separation or division. All citizens of this world are ageless and absolutely Free to Be. All citizens of this world know themselves to be ONE - both part of the one and at the same time the whole of one. As everyone is equally deserving, there is no place that is exclusive, restricted or even secret. Every square inch of the planet is considered by all to be equally Sacred and Honored for its own unique qualities. Every place on Earth and beyond is inclusive of everyone - the ALL.

ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL.

World Citizens travel anywhere on the planet and always find themselves welcomed home - no matter where they go, there are always loving arms waiting, food on the stove, warm blankets - freshly folded, and unconditional love and acceptance given abundantly. Because the world economy is now Resource Based, there is more than enough for every body and competition, wars and conflict are a distant memory from the past.

In the One World there are no wars or fighting - there is no desire to fight against your self. In the One World there is no competition. In the One World there is no jealousy or hate. In the One World there is no ownership - everything belongs to the whole and the whole supports each one. In the One World there is no stealing. In the One World there is no lying. In the One World there is no betrayal.

The word "trust" ceases to exist because it is assumed in all ways, in all relationships, on all the planet and beyond.

In the One World, every "cell being" works together

supporting and encouraging the wealth and well being

of the whole and every cell in the whole.

In the One World there is abundance in all ways. Each being is special and wanted by the whole and the whole of the whole.

In the One World unconditional love and acceptance prevails - without exception, hesitation or suppression.

In the One World each person is supported whole heartedly in their growth, expression and sharing of their gifts.

In the One World, contribution multiplies exponentially in giving and receiving.

In the One World every being has equal rights without question.

In the One World, laws are a thing of the past and everyone works together in harmony.

In the One World no one ever looses - everyone always wins.

In the One World there is great fun and adventure in infinite possibilities.

In the One World, creativity flourishes and constantly expands in all directions.

In the One World there are only solutions and never any problems.

In the One World laughter is the only medicine.

In the One World every being is healed and whole.

In the One World fears are a silly myth of the past.

In the One World there is no death - only glorious transitioning and the free will to do so - or not.

In the One World there is only Free Choice dancing wildly with Free Will.

In the One World Kindness is the ONLY way - we are One of a Kind.

In the One World we remember a time when "it" was just a distant dream - oh, how fast and easy it all transpired, transformed - translated into a Beautiful Glorious World of ONE!

In the One World - every prayer is answered before it is even "asked".

One World - One Mind - working together for the good of all.


The Day Freedom Breaks Out!

When the world reaches a certain level of ever rising vibration - all prisoners will be released unconditionally from jails and prisons. Even if they are still of a lower vibration, their vibration will be saturated by the many and ultimately their vibration will rise and resonate with the whole. Prior to release they will receive intensive coaching and spiritual guidance - as well as social and life skills with a huge emphasize on forgiveness. They don't have to leave prison - but the doors are open and the bars are down (if they prefer to escape (as in a game) that can be arranged - it would be a spiritual metaphor - freeing themselves. Upon leaving the prison, they are greeted by a crowd of supporters and treated as heroes. There will be a special "One World" appointed group of people for each freed being. A home, clothes, guidance and all their needs will be provided for. Once re-oriented, they will discover an intrinsic desire to contribute to their world community - further raising the vibration. One World - One Dream - Divine!

Cancer Analogy

Cancer happens when cells fight against each other and forget that they are part of the one-body. Chemo is like a nuclear war inside the body to stop the fight. If the cancer cells win, you die. If the healthy cells win you live to fight another day - this is why cancer returns. Because the body is in a fight against itself, you must change the programming to change the body and stop the war of cancer.

When we are acting as one (world), cancer will dissolve into the past. Cancer is just showing us what we are doing to ourselves as one planet - fighting against each other like we can win against ourselves - all the while fearing we can loose. There is no winning or loosing in One. There is only unity and communion. When this is breached, the body (whether we are talking about the body or the world), becomes a ground for war within herself. In order to live the cells of the body must remember that they are part of one larger body and that body is one in an even larger body - and on and on - until every cell is AWAKE and knows itself to be of only one.

Each of us is a cell within the body we call earth. We are the cancer inside that body and now we have the divine opportunity to dissolve that cancer. It is the cancer that is destroying the planet not each cell-person. Once the cancer is dissolved, the Earth can multiple and bear as much abundance as we need to thrive - equally. The earth is just playing out our beliefs in scarcity and separation. Once we unit in a state of pure unconditional love, the planet will reveal her endless abundance and give joyously to each and every one cell of her body, She will show her love and gratitude for each of us - billions of cells that make up her body.

The Last Soldier

On Dec 21, 2012 - the World Council will officially put into effect the "One World Collective Agreement." This agreement represents a Great Vision shared by all World Leaders and every person in every country. Among many other things this agreement will free the entire world from war, scarcity and competition to survive. This agreement declares the earth a peaceful "World of ONE" - a world where every human being is devoted to the common good of all and as a result abundance flows to everyone - all the time.

On this day of 12-21-12 all wars will cease and all soldiers go home and start their lives - for the first time.

This is the story of "The Last Two Soldiers" on that day.

As the world closes its book on all types of wars, armies and soldiers all over the world begin to cease fighting, well before the "D - Day". Although most remain in the fighting zone - there is a sense of peace and anticipation of what is to come. For many days, they remain "armed" in the zone - even though they are preparing for peace, they are yet unwilling to be the first to walk away.

When the moment has come and war is officially over for good, soldiers begin to put down their weapons and walk quietly back to their families - back to their dreams and desires. On one war field somewhere in the world, the last two soldiers remain in combat position - refusing to be the first to "surrender". For many hours they point their guns at each other hoping the other one will put theirs down first. As this stand still goes on indefinitely, they find themselves looking into each others eyes trying to figure out the others strategy as they have in the past - but this time as they look they each begin to see something different. They each clearly see the human being behind the uniform, behind the gun, behind the fear. As they each wonder how they could have missed seeing this before - a surrendering begins to happen but this surrendering is not to the other. This surrendering is to themselves - and they realize that that is the only true surrender at all and it never really was about any one else. As that epiphany expands exponentially, they each begin to put their guns down and they find themselves naked before the other for the first time. As one's tears begin to roll, the other finds himself with the same tears. Without thought or hesitation, they humbly move towards each other - and ultimately find themselves in the most compassionate embrace. As their tears melt together as one, an expected feeling of love and empathy emerges. In that moment their worlds have changed. In that moment the World has Changed.

Read "The Venus Project" - a 72 page document detailing the way to creating our new world.

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