Stronger Than Your Mind

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Stronger Than Your Mind

Stronger Than Your Mind

To find freedom and liberation,
you must be stronger than your mind.
Your mind will recite old beliefs and patterns -
habitual bad thinking that has been passed down
and adopted through powerlessness.

It all seems so true and impenetrable
but it is only true because you have given
your mind all the control.
This is like giving your hands all the power
and wondering why they keep slapping you.
The mind is meant to serve - not rule.

There is something much greater than the mind,
and when you find it, the mind is put back in its rightful place.
The catch is that the only way to find it,
is to begin to take power back from your mind.

Stop believing every thought that appears.
In fact, believe no thoughts.
Thoughts are only as true as you believe they are.
This is how you create your own reality.

What is greater than the mind?

It is indescribable but when you do find it,
it needs no describing.
The way to uncover the indescribable
is to drop down to your heart center of awareness,
and allow yourself to perceive life through the eyes of your heart.
Not the heart that keeps blood pumping through your body,
but rather the heart that keeps consciousness flowing
through the Universe.

When you enter the Flow of Consciousness,
all problems cease,
all dis-ease heals,
all confusion is relieved,
and you are Home.

It all turns out great!

Enjoy the Journey!

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