Mother Mary Prayer

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Mother Mary Prayer

Dear Mother,


The arms behind the glam. The love behind the mask. The heart behind the wounds.

I take the sins of my soul to your alter. Knowing in your eyes, I can not falter.

Forgive me mother for I have sinned. I have forgotten my way when the path was dim.

For I knew not the light at the end of the tunnel was your light shining for me. So fearful of the dark; in blindness I could not see.

Oh mother, forgive me for having traveled away so far. Your truth was always that guiding star.

How could I have not seen it for so long? Your love for me was forever strong.

The bonds I broke were never broken. It was only love that I was ever cloaked in.

In you, my tender heart was whole and never mistaken. It was only I who had ever myself forsaken.

Forgive me mother, for I have sinned. I had forgotten my way when the path was dim.

I remember you now. For you are me, and I am you with love endowed.

Forever the love that never left me alone. I opened my eyes and it was clearly shown.

Forever that love that I am.

I am.

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