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Are Higher Vibrations Making You Sick? Integrating the Energetic Shift! Article

Have you considered that an illness or emotional issue may be the result of an energetic overload? This higher vibration energy will ultimately help us to heal many of the issues that we are now experiencing, but this energy is also responsible for creating other challenges that we may also be facing.

#Spiritual, #Awakening, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Health and Wellness, #Energy, #Return to Wholeness,

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Raising Vibrations - how to be the change you want to see in the world! Article

We hear it all the time, “Be the change you want to see in the world” – but what does it really mean? And how do we go about making it happen?

#Be the Change..., #Responsibility, #Energy, #Personal Power, #World Change,

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Are You Going Faster than the Speed of Life? Article

Has stress, overwhelm or anxiety got you down? You may be moving faster than the speed of life! Have you ever wondered why the faster you try to get things done, the more mishaps occur? Could it be that sometimes you actually “get ahead of yourself”? And you move too fast for your own good?

#Letting Go, #Energy, #Return to Wholeness, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self,

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The Power of Ease! Radio Show

Learn how to experience more Ease in every moment of your life - with April Kritzer

#The Real You, #Energy,

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Tired of Being a Negativity Sponge? 12 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy and Prevent Energy Infiltration! Article

Do you ever find yourself taking on the negative energy of others? If so, you are not alone. Most of us come in contact with numerous people every day – who bring us down.This article will show you how to reclaim your energy!

#Responsibility, #Energy, #Return to Wholeness, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self,

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Own Your Energy Radio Show

Mastering Your Vibration with Dianne Collins


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The Secrets of Natural Energy Radio Show

Reclaiming Your Natural Energy -with Laure Cuvillier. Are you tired at the end of the day? What would it take to feel renewed, re-energized and recharged? Learn how to connect with your natural and unlimited source of energy - starting now.


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