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Raising Vibrations - how to be the change you want to see in the world! Article

We hear it all the time, “Be the change you want to see in the world” – but what does it really mean? And how do we go about making it happen?

#Be the Change..., #Responsibility, #Energy, #Personal Power, #World Change,

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Raising Awake Children in a Broken School System Article

We are waking up but if we are still raising children in an antiquated school system, so what? We are just passing along the hypnotic trance to the next generation.What can you do as a parent? Read ...

#Responsibility, #World Change, #Take a Stand,

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One World Radio Show

Discover a New One World Community with Jae Sabol

#World Change,

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Release the Ego - Transform the World! Article

There is enough for everyone. Our magnificent earth provides an abundance of food, energy, natural medicine, and building supplies that could easily meet the needs of everyone on this planet. Mother Earth does not charge money for any of these things, but our artificial economic system creates lack, scarcity and a slave civilization.

#Awakening, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Be the Change..., #Responsibility, #Beliefs, Stories and All That!, #Personal Power, #World Change,

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Heal Your Family - Heal the World! Article

Even if we are conscious and awake, we often find ourselves in families where judgement, blame and negative energy is the norm. Maybe we also contribute to this dynamic, even though we “know better.” When family members are not responsible with their energy or accountable for their behavior, family dysfunction is often the result.Learn how to create Conscious family relationships.

#Relationships, #Responsibility, #World Change,

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Are You an Agent of World Change? Article

Do You Have a Calling to Heal the World? Learn how to be an Agent of Change

#World Change, #Take a Stand, #Oneness,

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The Universe Plays its Trump Card! Article

As the political circus unfolds and the Ring Master prepares to take his place, the crowds shrill in disbelief, but things are not what they appear to be. As the wise Universe conspires on Humanity’s behalf, a great plan orchestrates behind the scenes. Indeed, people all over the globe are waking up in shock and horror, but this is exactly the point. If we were already awake, there would be no need, but despite countless wake-up calls and systematically losing priceless freedom, privacy and civil liberties, we have continued to sleep in complacency. What does it take to wake-up? Outrage to the rescue! In fact, to shock humanity into awakening, the Universe plays its ultimate Trump Card! Right before our eyes, the outlandish President Trump is waking up the world, and this is exactly the way it was meant to be!

#World Change, #Personal Development, #Judgment, #Be the Change..., #Awakening,

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