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Are You Psychic? Radio Show

Develop Your Psychic Ability - with Meria Heller. Ready to tap into your psychic ability? Discover that you are already psychic and what it takes to truly experience your abilities.


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The Power of Intuition Radio Show

Learn to use Your Intuition to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires

#Intuition, #Manifestation and Co-Creation,

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Intuition and YOU! Radio Show

Exploring your Intuitive Energy with Elijah Sun


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Attention Damsels in Distress - Save Yourself! Article

Many women secretly desire to be saved, rescued or taken care of, but these desires perpetuate feminine powerlessness and also set the stage for dysfunctional relationships. Being saved or rescued by some big, strong man might sound romantic, but the cost is all too often disempowerment.

#Personal Development, #Spiritual, #Worhiness, #Awakening, #Intuition, #The Real You, #Embracing Life, #Relationships,

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