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Is the Ego Program Running You? Article

The ego-program influences all inter-actions and everything in your life, including your relationships and your experience of the world. The ego-program resides in your subconscious mind, but it is not your subconscious mind. The ego-program is much like a loading system for all the programs that create your specific life.

#The Real You, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self, #Being Free,

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The Secret to Real Self-Confidence! Article

Have you ever lacked the confidence to speak your truth, express your creativity or even set boundaries? This is true for most people, but the real core issue is that we are not confident to be ourselves. It’s funny to think that we need confidence in order to be our authentic selves, but it is true, nonetheless.

#Personal Development, #Worhiness, #The Real You, #Responsibility, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self,

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The Power of Ease! Radio Show

Learn how to experience more Ease in every moment of your life - with April Kritzer

#The Real You, #Energy,

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Inner Journey Radio Show

Journey of the Self with April. Take a journey within and discover who you really are!

#The Real You,

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Personal Power! Radio Show

The Issue of Personal Power; what is it and how to get it - with April and Janeen.

#The Real You, #Personal Power,

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One New Year's Resolution that can Transform Your Life Forever! Article

What if there was one New Year’s Resolution that had the inherent ability to completely transform our lives? Instead of changing or improving something, what if we went to the core of all issues and we resolved it once and for all? You can begin this powerful process at anytime - June, July or August...

#The Real You, #Return to Wholeness, #Responsibility, #Personal Power, #Personal Development, #New Paradigms, #Manifestation and Co-Creation, #Living Your Truth, #Life Purpose, #Journey of Self, #Embracing Life, #Awakening,

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Leaping the Gap - to True Self Article

In the back of your mind, there is always a sense of your True Self. Now, I am not speaking about your spirit or soul, which really is closer to no self than true self. I am speaking about the best and highest version of you, in this life…

#The Real You, #Personal Power, #Life Purpose, #Journey of Self, #Embracing Life, #Being Free, #Awakening,

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Attention Damsels in Distress - Save Yourself! Article

Many women secretly desire to be saved, rescued or taken care of, but these desires perpetuate feminine powerlessness and also set the stage for dysfunctional relationships. Being saved or rescued by some big, strong man might sound romantic, but the cost is all too often disempowerment.

#Personal Development, #Spiritual, #Worhiness, #Awakening, #Intuition, #The Real You, #Embracing Life, #Relationships,

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