Who is Nanice?

If you are on a spiritual quest, looking to explore your deepest self, you have come to the right place. Nanice's ability to help others transcend traditional doctrine into a world of limitless possibilities is unparalleled. While the process is often challenging, Nanice will guide you through with complete acceptance and unconditional love.

Natalie Walch
Transpersonal PsychoTherapist,
Master Intuitive

I cannot adequately explain to you the power and energy Nanice possesses. I have known her for years, and we have traveled the world. I can tell you that she genuinely cares about the human race. I have witnessed happiness return to countless people that were lucky enough to have her stop and turn her full attention on them alone. I have seen healing take place with my own eyes. She is deeply spiritual, incredibly intuitive, and can guide and direct the path of a fellow brother or sister for good. Her attitude is positive, always looking for the good in any situation. She embodies patience, forgiveness and above all, love. Her soul is overflowing with it, always ready to give it away and uplift another.

Nanice is, simply put, UNSTOPPABLE!.

Carolee Winston Glaittli
Artist for Humanity


I can sum Nanice up in two words - Unconditional Love! Unconditional love for herself, first and foremost,and then unconditional love that overflows into the world, out into the universe and can't help but touch all LIVING - and even those that choose not to. Nanice is contagious or is it her love that is contagious?  Yes it is one in the same - by the name Nanice.

Tammara Guterman
The Neighborhood Witch Doctor
Homeopathic Practitioner

YOU, are such an amazing gift Nanice. 
Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for your beautiful reminders of how I want to live my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Lucy Kinkad
Yoga Instructor

Dear Nanice,
It has almost been a week since our session. I have been waiting to email you to see how I would feel after a weeks time. I have seen counselors before and have left feeling good but the feeling has never seemed to last more than even a couple of hours. This is not the case with you. I almost feel abnormal for how great I am still feeling. Multiple friends of mine have even noticed how happy I seem and how upbeat I have been. I have really started putting things into perspective and have been very possitive about life.

I would like to share a story with you. To preface, for the past several years I have had really bad seasonal depression and it seems to be getting worse every year. I feel depressed anytime the sun is not shinning. So, the other day around 10 am I woke up after getting only about 4 hours of sleep. (kinda the norm for me) I woke up feeling depressed knowing that it was cloudy and rainy outside. I did not want to get out of bed. After laying there for another ten minutes or so I thought about our conversation and the conversation I had with Mac and really decided that I AM DONE with being unhappy and depressed and DONE with letting the 'gloomy' weather to decide my attitude for the day. I immediatly got out of bed and decided that I would go running and workout as I have not done that for a few months now. I went to Sugarhouse Park to go running as that is my favorite place to go. I kid you not, once I got out of my car to start stretching the rain subsided. I ran 2 miles and as I was doing my cool down walk, the rain started up again. To further this, I was listening to my IPOD and hit random select. The first song that played was Its a beautiful Life by Ace of Base:

You can do what you want just seize the day
What you're doing tomorrow's gonna come your way
Don't you ever consider givin' up, you will find, oooh

It's a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
It's a beautiful life, oh oh ooo
It's a beautiful life, oh oh ooo

I must have had a lot of people starring and laughing at me because once that song came on I started dancing while running. I felt SOOOOO GREAT!!! It was unbelievable! I was looking up in the sky looking at the rain clouds and feeling so very grateful that I am here and alive and able to enjoy the great outdoors! It has been 4 days now since then and I have run and worked out every single day. I feel great, my body feels great and others around me are noticing. I LOVE life and am so grateful to be here. What ever the purpose is here (if there is one) it does not matter to me. I am going to enjoy it while I have it!

   Thank you for your help and support in this process. I really did think that the process would take a lot longer then it has. I have carried negative energy with me for so long and I am now starting to shed it all off. I am ready to be happy and start living a life of love and of giving and of service. I love how I am feeling right now and how I have felt this whole past week! I cant believe it has taken me nearly 28 years to feel REAL happiness. But I will tell you what, it is worth it! It feels great!!  I truly feel now that I have been released from the Matrix for real! I now see what life should be and is. Thanks again so much for the help that you have already given me. I feel like a new person! I am finally me! :)

Darren Curtis
Salt Lake City, Utah


Nanice Ellis was a delight to interview on the Authentic Living show.  She has a keen awareness of the authentic nature of humanity, in each of us, our I AM, or our Divine nature.  It is difficult to discuss these deep, profound subjects with words, because words conjure up images and connotations.  But Nanice did it beautifully with wonderful illustrations that clearly explained her message.  It was great working with her and I highly recommend her work.

Andrea Mathews
Authentic Living Radio


I love having "Chai with Nanice"! What really works for me is to be like a fly on the wall as I listen to two people having a discussion about real topics that interest me. Since I am not directly involved in the conversation, I don't have to come up with something to say. I can just really listen, consider and ponder all of the viewpoints presented as I learn and grow in such empowering ways. Thank you so much Nanice and LA Talk Radio!"

Spiritual Adviser, Healer, 

Author of "Conversations with No One about Nothing"


"Nanice is a dynamo! Her enthusiasm is contagious. How does she whip up hours of unbridled enthusiasm? And it is all genuine. Nanice is exceptional."
--- Neal Beal

"Even with my 23 years successfully handling employment/legal conflict, Nanice Ellis moved me to a higher level of appreciating my own intrinsic power.

My shift in perception helped me honor the opposition without giving away my own power.

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