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  • Seducing the Field

    Seducing the Field by Nanice Ellis

    The Master's Guide to Manifestation!

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    Life Changing!
    This book is filled with life-changing tools and information. The only catch is that one has to actually apply the tools and information. I have read it several times now and continue to gather new insights each time. I think it is one of the best books ever written on "manifestation" and creating the reality we want. Her understanding of quantum physics is a big help. Great book!
    Amazon Customer

  • Is There a White Elephant in Your Way?

    Is There a White Elephant in Your Way by Nanice Ellis

    Next level spiritual awakening and self-empowerment!

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    Wow. Nanice has really outlined and explained the awakening process in such a clear and straight forward way! The role and nature of the ego is demystified and clearly dismantled for a most clear path toward self-awareness and clarity. I have found this to be a great foundation for my journey, I have had many great teachers, but none before has demystified it all like Nanice. This book cuts to the very heart of the what is pertinent... this Giant White Elephant that No One seems to be willing to talk about.

  • Out of the Jungle!

    Out of the Jungle! by Nanice Ellis

    The beginners guide to Ayahuasca!

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    I loved the book! Clear and concise, exactly what I needed to know. The author has a way of sharing her information that feels like you’re talking to a friend. I’ve searched for as much information as I could find on ayahuasca and this is all you need.

  • The Infinite Power of You!

    The Infinite Power of You! by Nanice Ellis

    22 secrets to reclaim your power!

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    This is the most simple, yet powerful book I have read. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. It will change your life, if you take it to heart. Nanice has a way of taking profound information and making it easy to understand. She truly is gifted in how she explains things. I've read many self-help type books in my life, but none as well said and powerful as this one.

  • Zest-Point

    Zest-Point by Nanice Ellis

    The power of choice!

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    Once again Nanice has done it with her simple, yet profound words. This gifted author is wise beyond her years and has much to offer the world. Read her book, take it to heart, and there is nothing you can't have or achieve! There are many similar books out there, but I promise you, this is the ONLY one you need!

  • Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!

    Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad! by Nanice Ellis

    Spiritual awakening in everyday chaos!

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    If you've been on a spiritual journey for a while already, this is a very easy read that hits the points with simplicity. Wonderful reminders and loving, helpful words to be okay with every step - even when you slide backwards. I have to go back and do the exercises, but by reading them, I know when I focus, it will be a very good tool. I feel I will re-read this book over and over as living with awareness on a day-to-day basis takes practice.

  • Escape the Matrix of Depression

    Escape the Matrix of Depression by Nanice Ellis

    The hidden antidote for depression!

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    I am a trained psychotherapist and I have learned more truths in this book than my training on depression! It is pure brilliance and highly recommended
    I am not depressed but I study psychology and I found this book to be fantastic. It is definitely spiritual and not scientific which I actually prefer. This book is geared towards the more conscious, enlightened reader ... the kind of people who want to take charge of their own lives, and not leave it in the hands of some doctor or some prescription pills. I would recommend this book. I can see it being extremely helpful to anyone suffering, or just anyone at all for that matter.

  • I AM

    Escape the Matrix of Depression by Nanice Ellis

    A poetic journey of Oneness.

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    Awesome little book as to who and what we really are, everything and all that is.


"In my first session with Nancie she was able to identify blocks that had been plaguing me for years. This is especially important because I had worked with several coaches, read many books, tried multiple modalities, and employed process after process."

"Divine Intelligence led me to Nanice. In a few short minutes Nanice was able to deduce what no one else had. She used language I could understand and examples from my own life so the concepts were more accessible."

"Nanice helped me identify walls I had built and provided exercises/tools I could use to dismantle them brick by brick."

"Nanice met me exactly where I was on my journey. It was so uplifting to speak to someone who really "got" me, could "see" me, and understand where I had been, what I was going through, and how I was feeling."

"Nanice was extremely generous with her time allowing me to share whatever was on my heart. I never felt rushed or constrained. There was an openness in our sessions that really facilitated the space for breakthroughs."

"My work with Nanice allowed me to breakthrough to a new level of understanding and live my life at a more exhilarating level."

"The program title, "Manifestation Breakthrough," is an understatement for what I received. Nanice released me from the prison I had unknowingly created for myself with walls rapidly closing in. Now, I can see with a deeper more penetrable vision."

"I am again excited about my life, what is possible, and what lies ahead. Thank you Nanice for being a vessel for the Divine. My heart is bursting with great love and appreciation for you."

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