Products By Nanice

The Infinite Power of You!

The 22 secrets contained in this book will guide you to reclaim and express the greatest most powerful you.

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Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!

If you are on the spiritual path and sometimes find that life gets in the way, and you feel anything but spiritual, this book is for you!

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What if...

What if is a 100+ page Full Color inspirational photo book. The photos in the book have been taken around the world and each contain an inspirational question.

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30 Day Gratitude Journal

Is it possible that every day of your life holds glorious gifts awaiting your attention and gratitude?

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A Book of Awakening to the true essence of who you really are!

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Learn how to be the Change You Want to See in the World!

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Do you have a dream to manifest? This book is for you!

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Out of The Jungle - A Beginners Guide To Ayahuasca

The comprehensive beginners guide to Ayahuasca. This book will answer all your questions about this powerful plant medicine.

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The One Month Coaching Package

One Month's Coaching with Nanice - a powerful program that will empower you to manifest your greatest vision.

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Escape The Matrix of Depression

This book will help you to understand the core reasons why a pandemic of depression darkens the world, and how you can free yourself.

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Manifestation Breakthrough Program

If you are dreaming of something spectacular in any area of your life, it is already waiting for you and it is profoundly simple to unlock the door to your personal version of success.

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"Live Your Dream" Coaching Program

The way in which Life speaks to you is through giving you a dream and the inspiration to fulfill that dream. Each one of us is given a personal dream.

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Ayahuasca Coaching

Have you had an Ayahuasca experience recently or even years ago that you haven't quite integrated back into your life?

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Healing Emotional Wounds Program

We are meant to live limitless lives with an abundance of love and creativity. We are meant to stand on the mountain top with arms stretched wide - willing to receive our grandest dreams.

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One on One Individual Coaching Session

Do have an important issue that requires focus and clarity? This empowering 2 hour coaching session is designed to pinpoint the pivotal shift that will allow you to go from confusion to clarity - turning uncertainty into certainty.

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