Is it time to Re-program yourself to Succeed?

It is your natural birthright to be happy and prosperous but many of us have unconscious programs running that forbid us from happiness and prosperity.

These virus infected programs are hidden in our DNA and are often passed down from one generation to the next. If a program for failing is active in your DNA, no amount of hard work will result in success.

In order to create what you desire in life, the coding in your DNA must be aligned with what you desire.

Repetitive patterns, dysfunctional relationships, and chronic depression are all indications that your DNA is running corrupt programs. Other symptoms include: No motivation, Fatigue, Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Blocked creativity, Dense & heavy energy, Nothing works, Foggy mind, Lack of clarity, Fear, Compulsive behavior, Not thinking for oneself, etc....

Programs are encoded in your DNA through the power of belief. In other words, when you accept a belief about something, that belief is embedded in your personal coding. When you release a disempowering belief, you change your own coding. When you adopt new positive beliefs that support well-being and prosperity, those beliefs become encoded, and become the foundation for the life you most desire.

Powerful people know how to change their own coding. The good news is that anyone can be taught to do this. It doesn't take a magician but this is where the magic begins, because if you can change your own coding, you have the power to create anything that you desire.

When we turn off disempowering programs it is as if we lift a spell and free ourselves from the dark forest.

The two most powerful ways in which to turn off dis-empowering programs:

  • Uncover dis-empowering beliefs, remove them and replace with empowering belief.
  • Raise your vibration to a level where the dis-empowering program cannot run.

Dis-empowering programs run on fear which is at a very low vibratory level. If you were to raise your vibration above this level, the programs would lose their fuel and automatically turn off - freeing you to live your life.

I want to be really honest with you - it takes intention, attention and effort to turn off corrupt dis-empowering programs, but it takes even more energy to keep them running and having to deal with the tiresome results.

Are you ready to turn off disempowering programs?

You must have a willingness to

  • let go
  • retrain your thinking
  • dream a new dream
  • communicate
  • take inspired action
  • Step into your power

Email me and let me know why you think you have a disempowering program running and why you want to turn it off.

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