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Nanice would like to invite you to participate in her virtual teleclass designed to further your awakening and assist you in exponential growth in all areas of your life.

Are you on a Spiritual Path of Awakening and Developing Your Life?

Nanice has been teaching Real-Life Spirituality and Successful Living for over 20 years, and now is your opportunity to learn directly from Nanice. Enjoy this Free online Teleclass, where Nanice will share her deep wisdom and profound guidance.

  • What is your life asking from you?
  • What areas of your life require further awakening?
  • Where are you still asleep in your life?

This is a powerful opportunity for personal transformation.
Are you ready to live your life in a whole new awakened way?

How might your life change once you...

  • Embrace Unconditional love and acceptance
  • Heal Emotional Issues
  • Raise your Vibration
  • Learn to attract more of what you desire in life
  • Release negative energetic patterns
  • Re-train your thinking
  • Understand Manifestation on a whole new level
  • Empower Yourself and others
  • Embrace Forgiveness
  • Increase Confidence
  • Learn how to help others grow - even if they "don't get it"
  • Discover your intrinsic Worthiness
  • Attract Abundance
  • and so much more...

Each class will include a guided mediation which is designed to raise your vibration and leave you feeling peaceful yet energized.

This is your invitation to experience the "Nanice Effect" and fill in the missing pieces on your unique journey.


  • Class Recordings are available Immediately after signing up.


  • Listen on your computer, phone, tablet or other similar device. 


  • Free

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