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Many years ago, I was paired up with a random roommate at a conference (except this random roommate was actually divinely selected by the Universe - what appears random is always by divine selection). Anyway, every morning she got up at 6 am to run, and when I got up an hour later, I would find a sweet, good morning note, and because she kissed the note while wearing lipstick, her warm words were accentuated by a pink lip print. By the third day, I was jumping out of bed to read the morning’s note - and without fail, each one was stamped with lip prints.

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At the time, I had just finished writing a book about “the simple ways to make a big difference,” but I held off publishing because I couldn’t find a good title. Because my roommate’s lip printed notes made me feel the love and kindness I desired to inspire in the book, I decided to name the book “Lip Prints!”

Sometimes we forget that little things make a big difference, and something that barely takes an effort can make someone’s day and even change their life – not to mention the untraceable ripple effect where one kind gesture inspires another and so forth.

Today, I’d like to make a difference by helping you make a difference. As my gift, Lip Prints is now free to download and please don’t hesitate to gift it forward.

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