A New BEGINNING is Here!

Nanice Ellis

A New Begining is Here Over 2500 years ago Buddha left his life "fit for a king" and set out to find something that was beyond material riches. Only Buddha knows where his journey led, but eventually he discovered that none of those places or experiences brought him any closer to the truth. Many of us on the spiritual path have experienced journeys very much like Buddhas. We think that we are on the trail of truth only to be led to a dead-end. I don't know if Buddha got hopeless and ended his journey at the tree, or if he just came to the conclusion, that the truth isn't anywhere out there, so he better just find a shady spot and veg-out... Regardless of Buddha's motivation, that famous bodhi tree became his home for an indefinite period of time. Trees come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes they come as moments in time. We are upon one of those moments right now. A moment many of us have been awaiting for decades and others for life times. Right now, we are all sitting under our own personal bodhi tree. And it is time to wake up. Many are wondering what they should do to prepare for this sacred moment. Many rituals are being performed throughout the world, and people are spinning their mercaba's like crazy. Some fear that they will miss the ascension or the ships will leave them behind; or worse yet, the sinners they loved to judge. Others, still, are questioning their worthiness to make it to the next level, and even some are trying desperately to hide and ignore. Personally, I have spent decades preparing for this sacred moment, and the conclusion that I came to is this: There is nothing to do. Your safety and ascension is guaranteed. Your sins are forgiven. Your family and friends too. Your worthiness unconditional. Nothing to spin, push or pull. No rituals or prayers to make. No magic pill to take. Just relax, like Buddha, underneath your own personal bodhi tree. This is not a time for senseless action or needless thoughts. It's a time to let go and allow the divine energies to move through you, and love you, like you've never been loved before. There is nothing to do. it's all being done for you. Just relax. Let go. The instructions are simple and written in stone: Be still and know that I AM. In the Stillness, like Buddha, you will find that what you have been seeking, has been right there all the time, and the journey has led you back to where you started from... and never really left. Be Still and You will KNOW who you are.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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