a Secret to Awakening

Nanice Ellis

Oftentimes, when we begin to spiritually Wake Up, we find ourselves to be in a scary space.
This is the In-Between space between being fully immersed in the dream and
waking up in the dream; remembering that we are in fact in a dream, we are dreaming and we are the dreamer.

The Awakened State is pure freedom and bliss.

Getting to the awakened state can be challenging because the in-between space can cause you to feel like you are the only one in the Universe, eternally lost, disconnected and even panic-stricken. This is because you are dissociated from your human self and not yet fully awake and remembering who you really are. It is also because the ego, whose job it is to keep you in the dream, cannot go into the awakened state without dissolving. In other words, death to the ego.

The in between state is intentionally scary in order to keep us locked in our physical form and immersed in the dream. It is like a dark border that when we touch it, it is so frightening, that we immediately want to return to the dream state where, at least, we feel relatively safe most of the time. It was designed this way to keep us from waking up before it is our time to wake up.

I am sharing this now because no one ever speaks about this and it is time that this invisible darkness is exposed so that we can all awaken.

Don't be afraid of this dark. It is literally the dark before the light. This is exactly what the term darkest before the light refers to. When you find yourself in this in between space, don't retreat back to the safety of your life, but instead go into it completely and keep going until you come out of the other side. When you do come out the other side, you will be fully awake in the dream. You will see the dream clearly and all fear and worry will be wiped clean. You will be free of suffering. You will be in love with life. You will be love. This is the Buddha State or Christ State.

Don't be afraid of the In-Between.

In grace & gratitude,

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