A Time of Great Awakening

Nanice Ellis

We are living in a time of Great Awakening

We are a Global Community coming out of a deep slumber; there is much discomfort and resistance in these Times of Awakening. Yes, it can be challenging to wake up from unconsciousness.

It is very much like waking up in the morning after a long nights sleep.

Imagine the alarm clock going off and you begin to slowly awaken. You can hear the stir of the world outside your window or bedroom door and maybe you can even sense the still unfamiliar room that seems much too cold to awaken into. The warmth of your bed invites you back and you turn over for just a few more moments of compelling sleep, yet the beckoning of the day ahead ensues. You struggle between sleep and consciousness; gravitating to one as quickly as you gravitate to the other. What will win? Will you ever wake up? Still Struggling; trying to remember a dream that just barely faded away despite the impact it might have made.

There is a choice to be made. There is a wake up call to answer.

There is the Sweet and Poignant Brew of Life that Invites you to make that choice.

It is time to Awaken and Get on With Your Life.

You always knew this time would come. Today that alarm has finally rung.

Sleep can no longer give you what you yearn. It is time to live and take your turn.

Look no further than the sun. The light you seek has been undone.

You are free to finally live. So much you have to give and give.

Wake Up Now The choice is yours Opening before you - so many doors....

Awe Awakening, Nanice

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