Addicted to Challenges

Nanice Ellis

Addicted to Challenges?

This DivineSpiration comes with a disclaimer :)
The following perspective is not intended to be taken as a short cut to avoid the journey of growth through challenges. What we are speaking about is an evolution of consciousness, or maybe better said, this is simply a hint for awakening from the dream state.

We come from a generation who wants to learn from their challenges.
This is certainly an evolution from the "ostrich strategy" of head burying,
but it is still a strategy, and like all strategies,
there is a point where it does the opposite of what it was intended to do -
instead of freeing us, it entraps us.

The problem is not that we learn from our challenges -
the problem is when we become addicted to challenges;
depending on drama and crisis as opportunities to better ourselves,
and even believing that we need challenges in order to grow.
Being addicted to growth keeps you trapped in the dream-state.
Get better, do better, be better..... there is no end - so you stay asleep.

When we depend on problems to grow and evolve,
our personal evolution becomes entangled in needing problems.
The generous Universe obliges by offering us unlimited problems,
because that is what we are asking for.

There comes a point, when we grow tired of problems,
and we are done with the struggle associated with growth.
Being done with growing sounds irresponsible when we are asleep in the dream,
but as we are awakening, it is that breath of fresh air.

What's after the journey of "growing through challenges"?
Maybe it looks like this:

I will no longer use or depend on crisis or problems to grow.
I will remove the story about growing through problems.

Problems can show up or not show up.
I won't give my energy or power to them.

I won't welcome them as opportunities,
or turn them away in denial.

I will be witness and I will stay present,
but I no longer need them to teach me
or help me improve.

I release this profound teacher with fondness and grace.
She has taught me the final lesson and that is I can do without her.

As one who has spent her entire life on the "self improvement path,"
it turns out the path was an illusion - because there is no self to improve.

In grace & gratitude,

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DavrosB4 months 'ago'

Brilliant insight, respect!

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