Allow The Love

Nanice Ellis

Allow The Love

Maybe you have been in a practice of loving others,
but have you paused for a moment,
and allowed the love in?
There are so many who love you.
It is one thing to "think" that your partner, children, parents and friends love you.
It is quite another to allow yourself to really feel that love.

If you would allow the full flow of love to come to you,
without first apologizing for it,
rationalizing it or somehow making yourself deserving,
that love would heal everything in your body and in your life.

You are so loved.
Everyone in your life loves you,
or they wouldn't be in your life.
Even those who appear to oppose you,
are in service of you,
and that service comes through love.

There is nothing in your life that is not in love with you;
that does not dance and sing for you.
Pause for a moment, to listen and see.
Your entire life is in constant celebration - of you.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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