Allowing Ease into Life

Nanice Ellis

Most of us make life so serious and difficult. Yes, I grant you, it does appear to be a serious and challenging matter, but maybe it is that way because we believe it to be so. Not one enlightened master ever woke up and then told us that we better take things serious or warned us about consequences.  Not one. In fact, every one of them, some known, most unknown, reported back with uncontrollable laughter, giggling, silliness and a general state of well being that exuded nothing less than bliss and peaceful ecstasy.  They all tell us to lighten up and enjoy the ride. 

As you lighten up, so will life. 
As you look for the ease, life will get easier. 
As you expect the miracles, life will become miraculous. 
As you relax into peace, life will become more peaceful.

Your Life is YOUR Canvas - and you can paint anything that you desire upon it - including a life of challenges or a life of miraculous ease. 
One is not better than the other, they are simply different types of rides.
The way in which you direct the ride is simply by energetically aligning with the ride you most desire. 
If you want peace, Be peaceful,
if you want adventure, Be adventurous,
if you want fun, Be playful.
if you want creativity, Be creative,
if you want joy, Be joyful. 

This is the BEing versus the Doing - that changes worlds.

In grace & gratitude,


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