Are Psychic Readings a Diagnosis for Disaster?

Nanice Ellis

Visiting a psychic can be a fun and exciting experience, but if you are not fully conscious, it can also be a very dangerous game, and, in fact, psychic predictions can be a formula for disaster.

Firstly, your future is not set in stone – before you lies an infinite number of possible paths, and with each turn “left or right,” and each choice “this or that,” your probable future shifts and morphs accordingly, and since your future is always changing courses, there is no possible way for anyone to accurately predict the journey or the destination. In addition, how you feel at the time of the reading influences the results, so having a headache or being worried about a deadline can impact the reading, and, of course, even the psychic’s own filters and issues can influence the outcome.

You might think, what’s the big deal or what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, the real problem is that a psychic prediction can easily become a prophecy, where a minor possibility of a future event turns into a major probability. Once a prediction is made, and you believe it, the likelihood of that predicted outcome exponentially increases. If, before the reading, there was a ten percent chance of a certain future event, once it is predicted, the chances of it now happening are sky high!

How exactly does a psychic prediction turn into a prophecy?

Oftentimes, people see psychics when they are confused, lost and vulnerable, but this is actually the worst time to get a reading because you are most susceptible to suggestion. Additionally, much like being hypnotized, it is common to drop into an altered state of consciousness during a reading, which means that the psychic prediction goes straight into your subconscious mind – directly programming the internal computer that automatically runs your life.

Furthermore, seeing the psychic as having the power to predict our future and possibly solve our issues, we unconsciously give our power away, and, in fact, the more respected or credible the psychic, the more we tend to trust the prediction, and the more power we give away in exchange for answers and guidance.

When you believe the prediction, the power of your belief programs the subconscious mind with this information, as if it is already true – seamlessly turning prediction into prophecy. Your subconscious mind then aligns you with this outcome, unconsciously motivating you to take certain actions and make certain choices that will bring the predicted outcome to fruition, possibly altering the entire course of your life. Unaware that this is even happening, when the prediction comes true, it seems astounding, but there is really nothing mysterious about this dynamic.

Of course, if you receive a positive and inspiring reading, this dynamic could be really great; programming your subconscious mind for love, abundance or success, but this is not always the case. What happens when negative events are predicted? Breakups, accidents, disease, loss, victimhood or missed opportunities? Then, of course, even a positive prediction could misalign you with an even better potential outcome. Any prediction can unknowingly change your life.

I confess that I not only once went to psychics, I was a psychic, but I stopped practicing when I began to understand that I wasn’t really helping anyone. It became apparent that when I allowed people in need to depend on me for guidance and direction, I was actually participating in their disempowerment. No matter how careful or conscious I was, there was no way I could determine how my predictions would impact the future. It’s just not possible to predict the future without running the risk of interference.

It is not my intention to offend any psychics, as most psychics have beautiful hearts and a strong desire to be of service. This article is really about self-empowerment. The point is, don’t give your power away to anyone for any reason – not doctors, professional experts, teachers or any authority. No one deserves your power – and no one should have power over another person’s life. Be discerning, think for yourself and be “at choice” in all areas of your life.

Moreover, it is impossible for anyone to know what’s best for you because that is your job; you have all the answers within and the more you trust your inner guidance, the stronger and more reliable it will become.

What if you already received a psychic prediction?

Remember, it is not the prediction alone that alters the future – it is your belief in the prediction.

In order to prevent a prediction from influencing your future, there are 3 things you must do:

  1. Release the belief: if you do not believe it or give it energy, it has no power to manifest.
  2. Drop resistance: since resistance is a sign of belief, it’s important to release resistance.
  3. Stop imagining: quit replaying the outcome of the prediction – just let it go.

What if you really want to have a psychic reading?

If you should decide to see a psychic, there are certain things you can do in order to stay empowered. During the reading, do your very best to stay conscious and not drop into an altered state; sit up straight, move around a bit and don’t become mesmerized by the psychic, the tools for the reading or anything else.

Frequently remind yourself that you are hearing potential possibilities, and, if you don’t desire something said, you can say no and choose to let it go. You might want to bring a level-headed friend to keep you grounded, and to remind you not to turn prediction into prophecy unless you really like the prediction and you consciously choose to.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; for instance, if the reader predicts a negative event, ask, “What must I do in order to avoid this potential event and align with a more preferable one?”

Remember, it is best not to visit a psychic when you are emotionally vulnerable because this is when you are most susceptible to subconscious programming.

What if you are a psychic?

As a psychic, it is important to understand your own intentions so that you can stay in integrity, and it is also important to acknowledge the tremendous power and responsibility you hold, and consciously honor it. Let your clients know that they have the last say – just because you see or predict something doesn’t mean that it is definitive. Explain the basic theory of quantum physics and how infinite realities exist with uncountable possibilities and that you can only predict the path that is most aligned with the current moment; depending on what they choose tomorrow, everything could change in a heartbeat.

Don’t just offer predictions, empower your clients.

Provide practical advice by finding ways to offer information or guidance regarding the prediction. In other words, instead of just predicting that your client will meet her soul mate, offer some guidance about how to do it. Empowering your clients with practical tools on how to attract and create what they truly desire in life may require some additional study or research on your part, but the potential gifts you can offer are well worth it.

Do your best not to encourage dependency on you or your psychic ability. Instead, teach your clients how to use their intuition and access guidance on their own. You might want to offer tools, skills and information that teach your clients how to recognize inner guidance, and how to trust intuitive messages. You will support your clients best by believing in their gifts and helping them to believe as well.

You might be concerned that if you empower your clients too much, they won’t need you. Yes, that is exactly the point. The very best professionals make themselves obsolete, but don’t worry because every happy and empowered client will refer their friends and your practice just might grow in astounding ways.

In grace & gratitude,

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