Are You Missing the Purpose of Life?

Nanice Ellis

Why you should always stop and smell the roses!

Many of us believe that we are here to do something memorable, possibly save the planet from extinction or wake-up humanity, but this belief can be misleading, because if we are always seeking some grandiose purpose, we could miss the real purpose of life altogether. Of course, it is wonderful to make a difference in the world, and nothing has to stop you, but the true purpose of life is much more attainable.

Despite any great worldly intentions, your soul’s deepest purpose is to experience life as only you can do. Indeed, this should be the most natural process, but if you are always chasing big dreams and you are too busy to stop and smell the roses, this simple, yet profound, purpose might be missed entirely. In fact, if you relate to the ordinary experiences of life as “meaningless” you will miss the meaning of life.

The secret to fulfilling your soul’s purpose is consciously experiencing your unique version of life through all your senses; follow a rainbow, catch raindrops on your tongue, throw a fast snowball, eat ice cream slowly and, whenever possible, always stop and smell the roses. Maybe you think that enough people have experienced rainbows, raindrops, roses, and snowflakes, so why is it so important for you to do what’s been done so many times before?

Throughout history, billions of people have watched the sun rise but not one has ever experienced the rising sun through your eyes, and just as many people have tasted pizza or sipped champagne, but not one has ever experienced pizza or champagne through your palate. Your individual experience is profoundly unique which inevitably makes everything you experience sacred, but only when you are fully conscious in the experience. It is the act of consciousness that brings the mundane to life - making the ordinary extraordinary. Your consciousness ignites the sparkle in the stars, the waves in the ocean and the new morning sun shining on the mountain top.

The world may go on, but without your full consciousness, your life inevitably sleeps. If you climb the mountain in a distracted state of mind, the mountain remains dormant, but if you climb the mountain with full consciousness, feeling every step beneath your feet, breathing in the crisp mountain air and syncing up with the natural rhythm of nature, the mountain comes alive for you, cheers you on and celebrates your victorious arrival at its peak. If you pay close attention, it is ever so easy to feel all of this, and so much more!

Even down to the finest details, the entire Universe is orchestrated on your behalf, but life only comes alive through conscious awareness. It is all for you, but if you are not present, you will sadly miss enormous gifts that can only be discovered and experienced in the now, and whatever you miss will be gone forever because no two moments are ever the same.

The Choice is Yours

You get to choose the focus of your attention, and through your conscious focus, you give energy to life. There is no right or wrong – the choice is yours, but consider that when you reflect back in time, will you like the choices you made? Did you focus on Facebook instead of your children’s faces? Did you pay attention to what you lacked instead of what you had? Did you worry about work when you could have been playing in joy?

Choose carefully because the quality of your life depends on it!

So, even if some big dream inspires you, don’t overlook the simple everyday dream, because it is these precious moments that make up the profound journey of life. Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” But, if you live your life from a conscious state in the present moment, you won’t miss a thing and your soul’s purpose will be fulfilled.

So, no matter what you do, always remember to stop and smell the roses because they are there just for you!

You are love, you are light and all is well!

In grace & gratitude,

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