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Recovering from Religious Repression - The Journey to Freedom Article

Freedom is a very strong value for most people, but freedom can be misleading in many ways. You may appear to be free on the outside (especially if you “come and go” as you please), but if you are repressed by any type of controlling organization, no matter how well-meaning, you may be living in a virtual prison with invisible bars.

#Worhiness, #Spirituality, #Spiritual, #Responsibility, #Judgment,

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Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Yourself? Article

Did you know that more than 20% of the global population is in an abusive relationship with a partner or family member? This sounds like a big number, until you consider that somewhere around 80% of the world’s population is in an abusive relationship with themselves – and most don’t even know it.

#Personal Development, #Letting Go, #Judgment, #Health and Wellness, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Choosing Life,

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The Universe Plays its Trump Card! Article

As the political circus unfolds and the Ring Master prepares to take his place, the crowds shrill in disbelief, but things are not what they appear to be. As the wise Universe conspires on Humanity’s behalf, a great plan orchestrates behind the scenes. Indeed, people all over the globe are waking up in shock and horror, but this is exactly the point. If we were already awake, there would be no need, but despite countless wake-up calls and systematically losing priceless freedom, privacy and civil liberties, we have continued to sleep in complacency. What does it take to wake-up? Outrage to the rescue! In fact, to shock humanity into awakening, the Universe plays its ultimate Trump Card! Right before our eyes, the outlandish President Trump is waking up the world, and this is exactly the way it was meant to be!

#World Change, #Personal Development, #Judgment, #Be the Change..., #Awakening,

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Is it Wrong to be Right? Radio Show

Letting Go of "Being Right" - with Cal Spencer

#Letting Go, #Be the Change..., #Judgment,

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Judgment Be Gone! Radio Show

Is judgment of self or others effecting you in uncomfortable or even painful ways? Learn how to release judgment once and for all and be free. Free your mind, free your life.


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