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The 5 Stages of Awakening - Where are you? Article

What does it really mean to awaken? It is fair to say that awakening is a journey from limitation to freedom - from unconscious to conscious.


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Embracing Anger on the Spiritual Path Article

According to many spiritual practices, if we want to attain spiritual awakening, we must avoid anger and other "low vibration" emotions. However, this is deceptively untrue, and, in fact, before we are fully awake, overriding anger can actually be a spiritual bypass that keeps us asleep. Here’s why...

#Spiritual, #Personal Development, #Awakening,

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Are You More Awake than Your Family? 12 Ways to Heal Relationships Article

We are all waking up! The problem is, we are each waking up at different rates. This is particularly challenging when it occurs within families. If you are reading this, chances are you are more awake than others in your family, and maybe this presents some issues.

#True Forgiveness, #Return to Wholeness, #Responsibility, #Relationships, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Beliefs, Stories and All That!, #Be the Change..., #Awakening,

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Waking Up in the Dream - the Real Secret to Manifestation Article

Do you know that you are dreaming, and that nothing is happening outside of you? This means that there is no competition and there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. This is your dream and you are the dreamer.

#Spirituality, #Reality or Illusion?, #Manifestation and Co-Creation, #Awakening,

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Escape the Matrix of Depression Article

Escaping the Matrix of Depression – The Truth About Depression Shall Set You Free

#Depression, #Choosing Life, #Awakening,

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Is Ayahuasca Mother Nature's Red Pill? Article

Ayahuasca is considered one of the most powerful plant medicines on the planet, offering healing for mind, body and spirit.

#Spiritual, #Return to Wholeness, #Letting Go, #Inner Divinity, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Awakening,

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Owning Your Personal Power - a Key to Awakening Article

As we evolve and wake up, we become more and more honoring to the world outside of us, but there is really something very simple yet profound that happens under the surface, and when we understand it and apply it to our awakening, we can evolve much quicker.

#Spiritual, #Responsibility, #Personal Power, #Personal Development, #Manifestation and Co-Creation, #Journey of Self, #Awakening,

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Waking Up is Hard to Do - Alone! Article

Here is first-hand account and guide to Waking Up and finding yourself alone. What to do when you are awake and alone What NOT to do How to relate to the sleepy-ones How to overcome loneliness

#Spirituality, #Responsibility, #Relationships, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Choosing Life, #Be the Change..., #Awakening,

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Hidden Secrets of Ayahuasca - How I learned to overcome darkness in the Amazon Jungle Article

With over three decades of searching for truth and spiritual awakening, my quest brought many answers, but every answer ignited more questions. Finally, desperate to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, in 2009, I decided to do something I swore I would never do; I traveled to Peru, and in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle, I drank the mysterious tea, Ayahuasca, for the very first time.

#Plant Medicine, #Personal Development, #Awakening,

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One New Year's Resolution that can Transform Your Life Forever! Article

What if there was one New Year’s Resolution that had the inherent ability to completely transform our lives? Instead of changing or improving something, what if we went to the core of all issues and we resolved it once and for all? You can begin this powerful process at anytime - June, July or August...

#The Real You, #Return to Wholeness, #Responsibility, #Personal Power, #Personal Development, #New Paradigms, #Manifestation and Co-Creation, #Living Your Truth, #Life Purpose, #Journey of Self, #Embracing Life, #Awakening,

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Leaping the Gap - to True Self Article

In the back of your mind, there is always a sense of your True Self. Now, I am not speaking about your spirit or soul, which really is closer to no self than true self. I am speaking about the best and highest version of you, in this life…

#The Real You, #Personal Power, #Life Purpose, #Journey of Self, #Embracing Life, #Being Free, #Awakening,

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Release the Ego - Transform the World! Article

There is enough for everyone. Our magnificent earth provides an abundance of food, energy, natural medicine, and building supplies that could easily meet the needs of everyone on this planet. Mother Earth does not charge money for any of these things, but our artificial economic system creates lack, scarcity and a slave civilization.

#Awakening, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Be the Change..., #Responsibility, #Beliefs, Stories and All That!, #Personal Power, #World Change,

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Are Higher Vibrations Making You Sick? Integrating the Energetic Shift! Article

Have you considered that an illness or emotional issue may be the result of an energetic overload? This higher vibration energy will ultimately help us to heal many of the issues that we are now experiencing, but this energy is also responsible for creating other challenges that we may also be facing.

#Spiritual, #Awakening, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Health and Wellness, #Energy, #Return to Wholeness,

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Trust Yourself - you already have all the answers! Article

Trusting yourself should be the most natural thing to do, but it’s not. Our world is structured, in such a way, that everything tells us, “Whatever you do, don’t trust yourself.” But, what does it look like to really trust yourself and how might it change your life for the better?

#Personal Power, #Journey of Self, #Depression, #Awakening,

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The Hidden Antidote for Depression Article

It is no secret that depression is a worldwide epidemic, but did you know that a hidden cause of depression is the fear of self-expression? If you often sacrifice self-expression in exchange for acceptance, appreciation or approval – or to avoid negative consequences like rejection or conflict – you may become depressed.

#Awakening, #Depression, #Embracing Life, #Living Your Truth, #Source Energy, #Return to Wholeness,

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How to Play the Game of Life in a Simulated Reality Part 2 Article

According to Quantum Physics, the physical dynamics of reality are nearly identical to a very advanced virtual game, and, in fact, several experts in Quantum Physics and Digital Physics are convinced that our entire universe is simulated, and, if this is true that would make us all Sims!

#The World as Illusion, #Spiritual, #Source Energy, #Personal Development, #Awakening,

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Are We Living in a Simulated Reality? Part 1 Article

This may seem a bit out-there, until you stop to consider that some very reputable physicists are now saying that reality is not real, and, in fact, there is a very good probability that we are living inside a sophisticated computer simulation.

#The Language of the Universe, #Spiritual, #Personal Development, #Letting Go, #Awakening,

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The Global Awakening (needs you!) Article

There is no denying, we are on the precipice of huge global change, but, although change is inevitable, the exact nature of it is yet to be determined, and, in fact, what we do now, and how we think, will determine the course of history.

#Spirituality, #Spiritual, #Responsibility, #Personal Development, #Embracing Life, #Awakening,

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Spiritual Awakening in the "Real World" Article

What if you had the power to quicken your own awakening? There are, of course, many paths to spiritual awakening, and the process is unique for each one of us, but there is one thing that you could easily practice that would exponentially hasten your path to awakening.

#Awakening, #Spirituality, #Letting Go, #Beliefs, Stories and All That!, #Pure Consciousness, #Being Free, #Journey of Self,

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Reality Surfing the Net Article

Somewhere on the journey of awakening, it’s easy to get pulled down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. In fact, if you are using the internet to find answers, it’s impossible to avoid.

#Spiritual, #Reality or Illusion?, #Awakening,

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How to Help Others Awaken Article

How can you help those you love awaken? This article provides insight for being that guide to awakening.

#Awakening, #Be the Change...,

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Are You Sabotaging Your Life with Negative Stories? Discover how to change your life by changing your story! Article

Some "realists" might argue that you should always face reality because ignoring reality is naïve, but why be a realist who must always react to reality (by nature of being a realist) when you can call forth a desirable reality by consciously aligning your thoughts and beliefs?

#Personal Development, #Life Purpose, #Embracing Life, #Beliefs, Stories and All That!, #Being Free, #Awakening,

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Awakening to Who You Really Are! Radio Show

Awakening to Oneness with Kip Mazuy. Kip shares his personal story of awakening. When we hear another's story, it can trigger something inside us that can bring us closer to our own awakening.


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The Universe Plays its Trump Card! Article

As the political circus unfolds and the Ring Master prepares to take his place, the crowds shrill in disbelief, but things are not what they appear to be. As the wise Universe conspires on Humanity’s behalf, a great plan orchestrates behind the scenes. Indeed, people all over the globe are waking up in shock and horror, but this is exactly the point. If we were already awake, there would be no need, but despite countless wake-up calls and systematically losing priceless freedom, privacy and civil liberties, we have continued to sleep in complacency. What does it take to wake-up? Outrage to the rescue! In fact, to shock humanity into awakening, the Universe plays its ultimate Trump Card! Right before our eyes, the outlandish President Trump is waking up the world, and this is exactly the way it was meant to be!

#World Change, #Personal Development, #Judgment, #Be the Change..., #Awakening,

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Attention Damsels in Distress - Save Yourself! Article

Many women secretly desire to be saved, rescued or taken care of, but these desires perpetuate feminine powerlessness and also set the stage for dysfunctional relationships. Being saved or rescued by some big, strong man might sound romantic, but the cost is all too often disempowerment.

#Personal Development, #Spiritual, #Worhiness, #Awakening, #Intuition, #The Real You, #Embracing Life, #Relationships,

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