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Raising Awake Children in a Broken School System Article

We are waking up but if we are still raising children in an antiquated school system, so what? We are just passing along the hypnotic trance to the next generation.What can you do as a parent? Read ...

#Responsibility, #World Change, #Take a Stand,

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Are You an Agent of World Change? Article

Do You Have a Calling to Heal the World? Learn how to be an Agent of Change

#World Change, #Take a Stand, #Oneness,

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Empowering the Feminine Radio Show

Discover your inner Feminine Power - with Trinity

#Personal Power, #Take a Stand,

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You hold the Keys to Freedom! Radio Show

The Courage to Free Yourself from Bondage - with Grace Moreau. Grace shares her intimate experiences of leaving religion and freeing herself

#Take a Stand,

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Are We Programmed to Be Depressed? Article

The great depression wasn’t just intended to depress and repress the masses at the time of the great depression; it was strategically designed to have long term effects that would be passed down generation after generation.

#Personal Development, #Healing - Mind, Soul and Body Healing, #Depression, #Personal Power, #Being Free, #Journey of Self, #Take a Stand,

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Integrity Article

Integrity is not one size fits all. Integrity is a very personal and intimate thing. What is in integrity for one person may be out of integrity for another.

#Take a Stand,

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