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Conscious Commitment Article

Have you ever considered that perhaps we are too quick to make commitments of the heart? With uncountable divorces and break ups, maybe we should just stop for a moment and take a closer look at the concept of commitment.

#Relationships, #Personal Power, #Journey of Self, #The Heart of Love,

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The Power of Love! Radio Show

Transform your life with the Power of Love!

#Joy, Bliss and all the Good Stuff, #The Heart of Love,

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The 5th Dimenison of Love! Radio Show

How to Live in the 5th Dimension - with April

#Joy, Bliss and all the Good Stuff, #The Heart of Love,

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Journey of the Heart Radio Show

Join us for a beautiful Journey though the heart of life - with Alyse Finlayson. We are each on our own very personal journey of the heart. Sometimes that journey is a challenging one and it feels like life is moving us in unknown directions. And other times, we feel guided and we trust the journey to such an extent that we let go the wheel, we raise our arms up into the wind and we yell as loud as we can WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are ready for such a journey,sit down, relax and have some Chai with Nanice.

#The Heart of Love,

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The Compassionate Self Radio Show

Learn the Secrets of Compassion - with Neal Ryder

#Compassion, #The Heart of Love,

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