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Exiting the Matrix with Ayahuasca Article

Humanity has been asleep under a heavy cloak of lies for a very long time. Because our ancestors were drugged with disillusionment and disempowerment, through no fault of their own, disempowering beliefs have been transferred from generation to generation, growing stronger and more believable with each passing of the baton.

#Plant Medicine,

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Hidden Secrets of Ayahuasca - How I learned to overcome darkness in the Amazon Jungle Article

With over three decades of searching for truth and spiritual awakening, my quest brought many answers, but every answer ignited more questions. Finally, desperate to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, in 2009, I decided to do something I swore I would never do; I traveled to Peru, and in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle, I drank the mysterious tea, Ayahuasca, for the very first time.

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