Attention Damsels in Distress - Save Yourself!

Nanice Ellis

Many women secretly desire to be saved, rescued or taken care of, but these desires perpetuate feminine powerlessness and also set the stage for dysfunctional relationships. Being saved or rescued by some big, strong man might sound romantic, but the cost is all too often disempowerment.

In exchange for being saved, the damsel in distress gives her knight in shining armor what little power she has left, thereby increasing her sense of powerlessness, and perpetuating the same disempowerment that caused the damsel to be distressed in the first place.

Until we become conscious, it’s common to run from one state of disempowerment to another, but, sooner or later, we realize that no one can save us. You can delay it but you cannot avoid it, and whether this pivotal realization leads to despair or empowerment, the truth remains the same. You must save yourself because no one else can do it for you.

Although many women have been taught to associate helplessness with femininity, don’t confuse the two because there’s really nothing feminine or sexy about being powerless. Also, don’t be mistaken, we are not talking about women artificially taking on male personas, because that doesn’t work either. Instead, it’s time to discover what it means to be an empowered woman and to experience firsthand why there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who embraces her feminine power.

What about Prince Charming?

Doesn’t every woman want to be charmed by her very own prince? Well, of course, most women desire romance but this doesn’t mean you have to give your power away in exchange, and, in fact, if you are pretending to be a damsel in distress, you’re not going to get the attention of a real prince. The modern day Prince Charming is not looking for a powerless woman to save. He’s looking for an empowered partner with whom he can create a kingdom. He seeks a woman who speaks her truth and isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd; a woman who knows her worth and has no fear of being alone.

So, how do you save yourself?

Without a history of role models, we have the honor of forging a path for our daughters and grand-daughters to follow. Although this likely means trial and error, here are some pointers on the path:

  • Stop waiting to be saved or pretending to be powerless when you’re not.
  • Claim your unconditional worth and stop suppressing your true self in exchange for love or approval; it’s too big a price to pay.
  • Set boundaries that teach others how to treat you and commit to speaking your truth; especially when it’s difficult and others might protest.
  • Be bold and brave by choosing courage over fear and positive thinking over worrying.
  • Listen to inner guidance and never hesitate to follow inspiration; you always know what’s best for you!

Finally, as you demonstrate feminine power, you’ll show other damsels how to save themselves as well, but also let them know that the key to self-empowerment is trusting yourself!

You are love, you are light, and all is well!

with Grace & Gratitude,

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