Becoming the Creator of Your Life!

Nanice Ellis

Do I Claim Myself as Creator of My Reality or Do I Release Everything to God? This spiritual dilemma has caused me much turmoil. One day choosing to express myself as creator and standing fully in my power, and then the next day releasing everything to God. Eventually, coming to the conclusion that I simply had to choose one path or the other in order to release myself from this spiritual schizophrenia. But which one? There have been so many times that I actually have chosen to live by one path only to change my mind again and again. Finally coming to the organic conclusion that the answer is in not choosing one path or the other but in somehow marrying them both together. But how do two seemingly opposites merge as one powerful and unstoppable dynamic? The Secret lies in the Doing versus the Being. When I choose to be my true self and resonate vibrationally as my highest and most divine self, there is nothing for me to do. In fact, the doing is not my job. Despite false evidence to the contrary, I can never really do anything. It is the God of myself that is solely responsible for doing all that I see done. It is my God-Self that is the Creator. My "doing" of anything is simply an illusion in time and space. The more I resonate as my true self, the more the Divine can do on my behalf. The more I resist my true self and being who I really am, the more God will do to sway me in in the direction of who I really am. To some extent there is often a degree of pain or discomfort involved in these "God Doings." It is not that God wants us to suffer or to punish us in any way. Contrary. The pain merely exists so that we will move away from that which does not support the being of who we really are. As we make choices and adjustments that support our true selves, suffering quickly dissolves into joy and bliss. When I am Being My True Self, the Divine Knows exactly what I want because what I want for myself is exactly what the divine wants for me. Seamlessly, we are on the same path - masterminding as co-creators.

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