Better Relationships

Nanice Ellis

We are either in connection or separation. We know when we are in separation because we feel some degree of pain. But sometimes we don't recognize how we are creating separation. Just to clarify some of the many ways, here is a short list. Underneath the first list, is a second list which shows us how to move into oneness and harmony.

The best ways to create separation:

Make others wrong Try to make others to do the things we think they should do Believe we know better Not listen Interrupt Be distracted Close our hearts - inhibit our love Threaten others Make others prove themselves (that they are worthy) Think we should have power over others Try to control others and control situations Feel sorry for someone (see them as powerless) Shift responsibility onto others Lie, cheat or steal Withhold our feelings Judge someone in any way Hold a grudge Compete Talk or think badly about someone Not pay attention Here's how to connect and create oneness: Respect Others Allow people to do things the way they want to do them Honor the beliefs of others even if we don't agree Really Listen Allow others the space to express themselves Be Present Open our hearts - love without inhibitions Support others See others as unconditionally worthy See others as equally powerful Allow people to be who they are Have compassion for others (yet see their power and perfection) Take responsibility Be in integrity Express feelings Accept others Forgive Work together Talk and think positively about others Pay Attention

If you want great relationships with your children, friends, parents, colleagues and partners, now you have a check list.

With Love, Nanice

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