Nanice Ellis

Boredom is awakenings best friend,
and the egos worst enemy.

Most of us are inclined to do anything in order to avoid boredom.
In fact, we would rather suffer from overwhelm and stress,
than be bored.

Could it be that boredom is a secret agenda of the ego?

If the ego's job is to keep you asleep in the dream state
so that the dream can continue un-interupted,
it would need every weapon possible,
in order to continue the deception.

If you stop for but a moment and look around,
you can easily see or feel, that something is just not right.
You can spot the dream-like quality of your life.

At all costs, the ego will make sure that you
don't pause long enough to notice the holes in the illusion.

In the space of non-doing, you can actually wake up in the dream.

The ego needs some defense against this,
so it gives you the dread of boredom.

Think about it - there you are, with nothing to do;
the empty space arises, but instead of noticing the truth about life,
you are hit with the awful feeling of boredom,
and so you call a friend, read a book, smoke something,�
do anything to avoid boredom - anything.
The ego successfully puts you back to sleep
because you rather be busy doing anything
than experience boredom.

This ego-based strategy is so superb that your fear of boredom
keeps you from even approaching the damn thing.
We don't wait to be bored. We avoid it at all costs.

It's like that fear when you get too close to the edge.
The fear makes you back up.
Boredom makes you back up -
from the edge of awakening -
of seeing the truth for yourself.

What would happen if you dove right in to boredom?
You just let go to it, and allowed yourself to be bored.
You didn't add anything on or try to make the moment interesting.
You just sat in boredom and maybe for the first time,
really looked around.
What do you see?
Don't be afraid.
Boredom will not kill you,
but what is on the other side of boredom might wake you up,
or at least nudge you in that direction.

Believe me, there is nothing boring about being awake!

In grace & gratitude,

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