Can Blockchain Technology Change the World?

Nanice Ellis

No doubt, a lot of people are getting rich from Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, but there’s more here than meets the eye. Indeed, Bitcoin is just the tip of a very large iceberg known as “Blockchain Technology,” and because this new tech “empowers the people,” it’s changing the world!

Here’s how….

The Truth about Centralized Governments

It’s no secret that world governments are operated by centralized banking systems in conjunction with other centralized systems, and this means that the systems that we depend upon for survival are all centralized: financial, education, justice, healthcare, protection, welfare, etc… Although the provision of government services might sound good, centralized systems come with a hidden cost.
Due to centralization, all the power and wealth in the world is controlled by the “elite,” and while centralization gives power to world governments, it disempowers the people. So, not only do centralized systems allow governments to monopolize power and wealth, they also allow governments to control the citizens who depend upon them.

For instance:

  • Centralized systems give governments the power to implement laws as desired, and this means that the legal rights, and privacy, of citizens can be disregarded, and even ignored.
  • Centralized monetary systems allow governments to literally make money out of thin air whenever they want, and any government that can print unlimited amounts of money, inevitably, controls the economy of the country.
  • Since centralized systems are non-transparent, they can be altered or monopolized according to hidden agendas. In fact, as a result of the corruption associated with centralization, many democratic countries are operated under invisible dictatorships. So, by providing the illusion of democracy, freedom is a façade!

However, let’s be clear, governments are only powerful because people depend upon centralized systems!

No doubt, when millions of people give up their power and freedom in exchange for government-based education, protection, justice, health and finances, governments become falsely inflated with the collective power of their citizens.

Since governments are most interested in self-preservation, centralized systems are at the root of virtually every world issue; poverty, war, injustice, and an ongoing financial crisis that directly impacts billions of people worldwide. Much like a pandemic, the negative “fallout” of centralization affects the entire world and virtually everyone is infected!

Fortunately, this infectious disease has a cure!

The CURE is Decentralization!

Although many of us feel powerless to change corrupt global systems, they only exist because we fuel them with blind dependence, and, if we feel powerless, it is only because we have given away our power! Hence, when enough people stop depending on centralized systems, those systems will become unsustainable, and, consequently, governing entities will lose power and control.

While centralization disempowers the people, decentralization gives “power back to the people!” and this means that by moving toward decentralization, we can empower ourselves!

Maybe you’re thinking, how can citizens “over-throw” centralized systems that have been around for generations, while, at the same time, create new decentralized systems from scratch?

No doubt, it sounds impossible!

Well, just a few years ago, I would have agreed, but, now, it’s actually happening!

Not only do we have the technology to create decentralized systems, there’s already a strong and growing community implementing the technology!

The Time is Now!

Although you might know it as “Bitcoin,” it’s really Blockchain Technology, and, yes, it’s completely decentralized!

It just so happens that the first application of Blockchain Technology was Bitcoin (aka crypto-currency), but, it certainly wasn’t the last. Currently, more than a thousand different crypto-currencies are in circulation throughout the world (while many are legit, some are not).

Although crypto-currency is just one single application of the technology, it clearly demonstrates the potential for innovation. For instance, by using a decentralized currency, direct peer-to-peer transactions override the need for a middleman (aka centralized banks). This means that when crypto-currency is widely accepted, and utilized by the mainstream, centralized financial systems could become virtually obsolete.

Just as Blockchain Technology can be used to build a decentralized monetary system from scratch, virtually any type of decentralized system can be built upon the Blockchain.

What does decentralized technology mean to the world?

  • No one person or governing entity can control a large decentralized system.
  • Decentralized systems are operated and sustained by the community.
  • Decentralized systems are based on community consensus.
  • Anyone who participates in a decentralized system is a community member.
  • Decentralized systems redistribute power and wealth.
  • Most Blockchain Technology is free and open-source.
  • While public information can be transparent for all to see, individual privacy can be ensured.

How can we transform centralized systems through decentralization?

Although this technology may allow us to build new paradigms from beginning to end, we don’t have all the answers yet. No doubt, “Transformation via Decentralization,” is an unfolding process, and we’ve only just begun. Right now, we can only speculate on possibilities.

Just as a decentralized monetary system can redistribute wealth, other decentralized systems can redistribute power through consensus!

For instance, since decentralized systems are based on consensus, and every vote counts, political power could be redistributed to the people, and this means that with decentralized voting prodigal, the implementation of new legislation would be based on citizen consensus, and due to transparency, politicians would be elected fairly.

However, in order for decentralized systems to change the status quo in a positive way, a large majority of people must participate. Currently, many people don’t exercise their voting rights because they believe it’s a waste of time. But, if every vote really counts, most people would get involved and vote on pertinent issues.

As a result, power is returned to the people, and, one vote at a time, democracy is revived!

Additionally, since decentralized systems function through transparency, the potential for corruption is exponentially reduced, and this means that both hidden agendas and “elite monopolies” are automatically eliminated!

Furthermore, we know that crime rates rise when people feel powerless, and, therefore, theoretically, by empowering people through decentralization, crime could be reduced!

Some examples of technological innovation that are currently under development:
  • Decentralized internet
  • Orchestration of peer-to-peer contracts without a middleman
  • Decentralized banking for undeveloped countries and the “unbankable”
  • Infallible data storage: property records, historical records, medical records, tracking records etc…
Since Blockchain Technology can be adapted according to need, the possibilities are literally endless!

Also, let’s be clear; rather than over-throwing our governments, we need to find ways for centralized and decentralized systems to effectively work together.

Community Support

By giving us the ability to address, and solve, many world issues, Blockchain Technology allows us to create new paradigms for humanity. However, in order to do so, three pivotal conditions must be met:

  • Decentralized tech must be able to replace centralized systems.
  • Decentralized tech must be user-friendly, affordable, and available to the masses.
  • Decentralized tech must be adopted by the mainstream!

Although Blockchain Technology is now being used to innovate user-friendly and affordable alternatives that can replace centralized systems worldwide, the true key to success is Mainstream Adaptation, and this requires both community support and tangible utilization.

While Blockchain is the foundation of decentralization, community is the source!

In just a few short years, Blockchain Tech has taken on a life of its own. Based on strong innovative tech and ever-increasing community support, it’s far past the point of no return, and there’s no stopping it now! As the Blockchain Community continues to grow at exponential rates, we’ll soon reach a tipping point, and when enough people “go decentralized,” the result will be mainstream integration.

What about potential issues?

Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the potential downside?”

Well, just like fire, anything can be used for good or bad, and new technology is no different. No doubt, big changes always come with unique issues to solve. Since this is all brand new territory, the community will need to address each issue as it arises. While challenges might create gaps in development or integration, the solutions we discover will become stepping stones for even greater innovation.

Most of all, if we want to create a thriving planet that provides for everyone, we must learn to collaborate as a global community, and this means that cooperation and co-creation must replace competition and “survival of the fittest.” Fortunately, due to a shift in collective consciousness, the choice for harmony and unity is taking the place of self-serving agendas. In fact, as a sign of the times, many new Blockchain projects are based on philanthropic intentions.

How can you support decentralization?

Although the Blockchain Community is filled with innovative thinkers and tech savvy entrepreneurs, there’s no tests to pass or requirements to meet. Not only can anyone join and participate in this decentralized global community, everyone is invited!

Therefore, you can support decentralization by using decentralized systems and applications (DApps) as they become available. For instance, right now, you can get involved with crypto-currency, simply, by learning how to acquire, and use, the crypto-currency of your choice (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Iota, etc…). Or, if you prefer to get started with a decentralized game or another type of application, you can find thousands of DApps on the Ethereum and Nebulas Blockchains. Moreover, in order to know when new tech is available to the public, do your best to stay up to date.

Since new technology can seem overwhelming at first, make sure to give it a fair chance. Once we retrain our brains, the use of “new tech” becomes second-nature. Remember, at the beginning of the computer age, older generations were completely disoriented, but, before long, virtually every grandparent in North America had an email address!

Also, as a result of mainstream integration, decentralized applications will become more and more user-friendly over time.

Every Choice Counts!

Right now, humanity is experiencing a collective shift in consciousness, and, if enough people participate in this shift, we can literally change the world! However, in order to do so, we must exceed a tipping point, and since it’s a numbers game, every voice and every choice counts!

So, if you ever wanted to make a difference in the world, now you can!

By supporting decentralized systems as they become available, you can take your power back one choice at a time, and while you reclaim your power through participation, you’ll also help to create a global community that supports the growth and wellbeing of every individual!

By making your voice and choice count, you’ll help expand the stream of consciousness that’s already changing the world!

As the stream of consciousness flows into the mainstream, life on Earth will never be the same!

“Be the change….. Go Decentralized!”


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