Choose You

Nanice Ellis

You cannot make good choices in your life until you first choose you.
When you fully choose yourself, all your choices are clear and powerful.

Over and over again, Life is asking you to choose yourself.
Not to negate yourself or put yourself second -
or disregard yourself for any reason, at any time.
But to choose you - not just once and be done with it,
but over and over again -
in every moment and every relationship and every situation and every experience.
You Choose You!

Especially, not to wait for someone else to choose you
because that can never work.
If you don't choose you first and foremost -
how can anyone else choose you?
But when you do choose you,
you become empowered and fulfilled
and then it appears as if the entire world chooses you,
because it does.

Once you have chosen yourself an inexhaustible number of times,
there is a point where the choice becomes seamless and there is no longer a choice.
It is as if something deep inside ignites and fullness births you,
and raises you up to be who you really are - in all your magnificence.
There is no longer a choice.
From this place of self full magistracy -
the drama falls away and you are left with the purity of your own free spirit.

At some point, the most unexpected thing occurs.
The self full self that is now completely you disappears before your eyes,
and what is left is a self that is Self Less.

Because you are full and need nothing from anyone or anything,
you evolve into selflessness.
This is the organic evolution from Self-full to Self-less.

This is the state that the mystics tell us to attain,
but what they fail to mention is that the path to selflessness is in choosing yourself
and becoming so self full that you need nothing.
When you finally need nothing - you have everything to give.
This is the true state of Selflessness.

Only from choosing yourself can you draw upon a well of infinite love
that fills you completely from the inside out
and leaves you asking for nothing yet having everything to give.

You have Chosen You and the entire Universe is in celebration.

I Choose Me.
I Choose Me.
I Choose Me.
So Be It.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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