Christmas Eve

Nanice Ellis

I love X-Mas Eve. It is my favorite time of the year.
There is something so magical and mysterious that
I still cannot put it into words. This wonderful feeling
began for me a number of years ago:

It was Christmas eve, I was twelve years old.

Mom and Dad were taking me out for our
traditional holiday dinner at a beautiful old restaurant
in Great Neck, New York. As we drove up Northern
Blvd, my mother quietly announced that she was not
able to find the only thing I had on my Christmas list;

the only thing I really wanted was a green figure
skating skirt. She had looked for weeks and
"it just didn't exist." I had planned to wear my new
skating skirt that week on Christmas vacation. I was
convinced that by wearing a green figure skating skirt,
just like Dorothy Hammels, I could figure skate just
like she could. It hadn't occurred to me that I had no
previous figure skating experience; I just knew I
could, if only I had "that" skirt.

Now, I could have imaged a ruined Christmas
and focused on a disappointing Christmas vacation,
but I could "see" myself in that skirt too clearly, and
I would not give up my vision. My mother tried desperately
to convince me that there would be no skating skirt for Christmas,
but I refused to believe her.

As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, there it was!

My green skating skirt; displayed in the window of the new sporting
goods store right next door to the restaurant. The
store had already closed but we tapped on the window
and banged on the door insistently until the weary
store clerk let us in. Strangely, the store employees did not seem
displeased; in fact I had a feeling that they were expecting me.

The only skating skirt they had was the one in
the window; it was my size - and it was the perfect color
green to match my skates! I wasn't shocked or amazed.
My vision was so clear to me; I had imagined no other possibility.

The next day my parents took me to a skating rink in the Catskills.
I glided onto the ice in my new green skating skirt.
I was a figure skater; I skated backwards, did spins and
figure eights. It wasn't until someone asked me where
I had learned to skate as well as I did, that it occurred
to me that I learned to skate in the same place that I
created the image of my little green skating skirt.

My mind.

It has taken me decades to demystify the miracle of
manifesting the Green Skating Skirt. But even now,
understanding the quantum science behind the miracle,
it is no less magical and miraculous.

You can Be, Do or Have whatever you desire.
It is your Dream - Own it, and live your life as the precious gift that it is.

I wish you Infinite Miracles and Magic this Holiday Season and Always,

Twinkle, Twinkle....

P.S. This story is taken from The Infinite Power of You! by Yours Truly.

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