Cinderella - the Truth beyond the Fairy Tale!

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Cinderella is not a story about a prince saving a damsel –in-distress.

Cinderella is a grand story of worthiness.

If you read between the lines, here is how it really goes;

Once upon a time, there was one named Cinderella who lived with her wicked step mother and step sisters.  Even from the time Cinderella was quite young she was what you might call a pleaser.  She bent over backwards to try to make her step mother and step sisters happy in every way.  Whatever they wanted she was sure to provide, even if meant hard work, the loss of sleep or just pure dis-comfort.  There was nothing that Cinderella wouldn’t do in order to please those closest to her.  Of course, beneath all this “pleasing,” Cinderella was really just trying to prove her worth. 

Instead of being treated as a respected daughter and sister, she was used and abused every day of her life. In every conceivable way, she was considered worthless by those around her and treated as such.  Each time she looked for worth outside herself, it was not to be found.  No matter how hard she worked to get appreciation or approval, it was not forthcoming; in its place were criticism, judgment and constant reinforcement that she was not enough.

On the outside, this might have seemed like a terrible injustice, but it was really a divine gift.

If Cinderella’s step mother and step sisters were pleased by all that Cinderella did and appreciated her hard work, she would have at least gotten a sense of worth through being appreciated and praised. If this were the case, she would have continued on the same path of trying to please others; and may have spent her entire life as a servant in exchange for a false sense of worth.

But instead, the kind world did not give her a single bread crumb of acknowledgment. Well maybe a bread crumb but who can live on bread crumbs?

In every one of us there is a part that knows our worth, regardless of what the outer world is displaying.  Cinderella was no different. You see, because the outer world gave her nothing, she began to look within and as she did, she began to dream.  She began to dream of her perfect life with the perfect man in the perfect castle.  She began to dream and dream until her inner world became larger than the outer world.  And so it did. 

Of course, that was only part of the equation.  The other part was that Cinderella had to deem herself worthy of her dream.  This, in fact, was the true Magic in the fairy tale and the key to making her dream a reality.  If she did not find herself worthy, the world could not have reorganized itself to make her dream a reality and so it is such with all dreams in all kingdoms. 

It is unclear exactly how Cinderella claimed her worth but what is clear is that she did. We know this because the world did, in fact, reorganize itself in such a way that could be described as no less than miraculous.

Cinderella dreamed a new dream.

She found herself worthy of her dream.

She was open to miracles upon miracles manifesting her dream in reality. 

This is the Magic formula, no doubt.

On the night of the Ball, Cinderella found herself lost in her desires and so it was of no great surprise when her fairy god mother appeared to her; ready, willing and able to do whatever it took to get Cinderella to the ball. 

Because Cinderella found herself worthy, her fairy god mother was able to provide the dress, the shoes and even the carriage to get her to her destination.  Nothing was too good or too outrageous for Cinderella – and so it was.

But the story does not end there.

There were many beautiful and magnificent women at the ball.  So why then did Prince Charming notice Cinderella as she entered the ball?  Was she timid? I think not.  Was she in doubt of herself?  Of course not. Was she questioning her worth?  Now, that’s really ridiculous! 

Cinderella KNEW her worth – not because the outside world declared it but because she declared it for herself. And because of this, she shined.  Prince Charming chose Cinderella that night at the ball because she had first chosen herself. 

Ultimately the shoe fit because Cinderella had become aligned with Who She Really Is.

And that is the point.


With Grace and Gratitude 

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