Connecting with Universal Mind!

Nanice Ellis

How to Connect with Universal Mind

1. Find beauty in anything. 2. Do something that you love to do 3. Breathe - and imagine breathing in golden light 4. Do Yoga or some other body movements that align your body 5. Go for a walk in nature 6. Pet a relaxed cat or dog 7. Pet a happy cat or dog 8. Really forgive someone 9. Really forgive yourself 10. Listen to music 11. Dance like no one is watching 12. Go on a vision quest 13. Read works of an enlightened being, like Osho or Eckart Tolle 14. Play - be 5 years old again - even better if you can get someone to do it with you 15. Do something spontaneous 16. Imagine that you have a personal and intimate conversation going on with Universal Mind 17. Let go of everything - every-thing! 18. Take a luxurious bath 19. Get a massage 20. Go on vacation 21. Savor your food 22. Listen to the birds 23. Feel the wind 24. Get intoxicated by the smell of the flowers, trees, new born baby - anything 25. Laugh 26. Remember that Universal Mind is everywhere 27. Try to find somewhere it is not 28, Sit in the Sun 29. Feel the Love you have for anyone 30. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude 31. Giving to another human being, with no strings attached 32. Expressing your gifts. 33. Chanting 34. Being around people who are connected For the more adventurous: 35. Sky diving 36. Scuba diving 37. Shamanic journey 38. Lie naked in the grass under a full moon and watch the stars 39. Down hill skiing in 3 feet of fresh untouched powder on a sunny day after the storm; o.k, this is my favorite :) and 40. Be Still and Know who you are......... There is one thing that all these things have in common, if they are to be effective at connecting you with Universal Mind; each of them has the ability to bring you into the moment. You cannot be connected in a two way conversation with Universal Mind if you are fretting over the past or fearful about the future. If you could just stop doing the thing that takes you out of this moment, you would discover that you are always connected to Universal Mind. Be Here Now - and everything else takes care of itself. Inspired by T.F. Have an Amazing 12.12.12!

In grace & gratitude,

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