Conscious Evolution - Tuning Your Vibration

Nanice Ellis

Conscious Evolution - Tuning Your Vibration

We are going through a Universal training of sorts. If you are reading this, you are probably aware that this is a very special time in human history and virtually everyone who is here now serves a divine plan of assisting and even facilitating the coming of a New Earth and a New Era in Humanity. Many of us are wondering what our purpose is or how to fulfill it? The truth is, if you are alive and kicking, you can't help but fulfill it.

Simply by living your life, you are being tuned to a higher vibration. As you reach, attain and maintain higher vibrations of consciousness, you evolve and everything and everyone around you evolves.

There are many ways that Life is tuning you to higher vibrations of consciousness; one of the most powerful is through applying enough pressure so that you release control and allow a higher consciousness to flow through you. How does this Divine Plan of evolution work exactly?

Many of us are experiencing great stress and overwhelm in our lives. Just when we think we can't take any more, more comes. It seems impossible to do all things at all times - and it is. That is the point. If you are a doer or a go getter, the Universe gives you more to do or "go get." More and more and more, until you finally reach your personal breaking point and for some of us, that is pretty extreme! The breaking point is the braking point, where we finally surrender. The only thing left is to Be in this Moment Now.

Life is perfectly designed this way. Life will continuously apply pressure and stress and more pressure and stress until finally we let go to this moment now and stop worrying about all the moments that may or may not come in the future. The state of overwhelm tunes our vibration by breaking us open to something deeper inside us. This Something is the Super Consciousness of the Universe.

We can only be stressed and overwhelmed when we believe we are doing it alone. At the breaking point, we give up, we let go, we surrender, and as we do, this New and Profound Sense of Energy, which is Infinite Intelligence takes over and begins to live our lives through us.

Oh, the ego doesn't like this, and maybe why it puts up such a great fight, but if the ego was real, it could not dissolve into Infinite Intelligence. Nothing real has to fight for its existence.Only that which is an illusion must prove it is real.

How exactly does this Divine Plan operate? We think we are the doers so we do, do,do. The Universe obliges and gives us more and more and more to do. We become stressed out and overwhelmed. The Universe puts more on our plate - and more still. We reach our personal breaking point. We let go and surrender to this moment now - because that is all we can do. In our surrender to this moment, the Super-consciousness of Infinite Intelligence kicks in and begins to live our lives through us. For the first time, we experience true and lasting peace.

If we can go long enough without getting caught up in "reality" again, we discover that Life, which is the Super-consciousness of Infinite Intelligence lives in us and IS Us. It is this Super-consciousness that answers every need and every desire. It brings to us Perfect Love, Perfect Wealth, Perfect Health, Perfect Relationships, Perfect Work and a Perfect Life - because it is Life. Because IT Is.

As enough of us surrender to Who We Really Are, the Infinite Intelligence of Super-consciousness takes charge and humanity as a whole evolves. Billions of seemingly separate minds become harmoniously One and Heaven on Earth becomes a real thing!

You can't do it wrong - no matter where you are in your life or what you are experiencing, Infinite Intelligence knows how to guide you internally through your feelings and externally through your experiences. Every moment of every day is perfectly designed to awaken you to who you really are and have always been. This is the Awakening of Humanity through You!

Affirmation: Today I release the belief that I am doing it alone and even that I am the doer. I surrender my thoughts, feelings and actions to Infinite Intelligence, knowing fully that all my needs are met in perfect time and in the perfect way. I release my will and I allow the Will of Infinite Intelligence to flow through me and guide me through today and everyday that follows. So Be It.

In grace & gratitude,

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