Constant Letting Go!

Nanice Ellis

What does it mean to live in a constant state of letting go?
In a constant state of letting go, nothing sticks;
you have no stories about the way life should be or how others should be.
You just show up present without the emotional baggage of beliefs, fears and worries.
Whatever comes your way, you allow it –
and you also allow it to pass on by.
You begin to understand that everything is energy in motion, including you,
and that life really does know how to take care of itself and everyone on this planet.
Sometimes it may not look like life is doing a good job,
but when you step back, take a deep breath
and ask life to show you a higher truth,
you always discover that everyone and everything is always right on time
and everything turns out just right.
Best of all, you realize that the core of everything is love
and that means that you too are, indeed, love.
So when you wonder what you are letting go to,
you are letting go to the only thing that is ever real –
you are letting go to love.
And that has to be a very good thing. 

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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