Dear Money...

Nanice Ellis

Dear Money, I deeply apologize for imposing my needs, sense of worth and ability to be powerful onto you. I am sorry that I ever blamed you for my lack of freedom to do what I wanted to do. I am sorry that I ever blamed you for making me powerless. I am sorry that I ever blamed you when I stayed in a relationship far beyond its expiration date. I am sorry for ever blaming you for my disempowering or poor decisions. I am sorry that I ever expected you to save me or make my life better. I am so sorry that I ever made you responsible for how I felt about myself or my life. I am sorry for not seeing that my worth, value and ability to create my life the way I wanted it, had nothing to do with you and in fact, you were limited by my beliefs of scarcity that I held about myself and the world. All the while, I had fooled and tricked myself into blaming you; when the truth was waiting to set us both free. I am sorry. Please forgive me, as I now forgive myself. I now reclaim my worth and power to be unconditioned by you and I free you from the binds that I once enslaved upon you. I am sovereign unto myself as I now take complete responsibility to know and express myself to be powerful, worthy and free to create the life I truly desire. Money, I now free you to grow abundantly and express the true nature of who you really are in my life and all those I love.... as I love all. --

In grace & gratitude,

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