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Discover Your Divine Purpose!

Do you believe that you have a special purpose on this planet? If you are the same as most people, you are likely to answer yes; but if I were to ask you to describe your purpose, also like most people, you would likely be speechless. If you do know your purpose, you are an exception in the crowd. If you live your purpose, you are an exception in the world. Many people feel they have a special purpose on Earth but rarely is that purpose known - and even more rarely is it lived. In actuality, one's purpose is usually only known if that person is born with a special gift that demands expression, or if that person has gone through a tragedy or trauma that eventually called that person to action. Otherwise, it is quite unlikely that one's purpose is ever really revealed. Unfortunately, the rest of us seem to be destined to search our whole lives for our purpose without ever finding it. Does something seem wrong with that picture? It does to me. If we have a purpose and truly believe that we have a purpose, shouldn't that purpose reveal itself so that it can be lived fully? Of course!

In the course of history - most people did not believe that they had a special purpose.

The concept of having a special purpose is a modern day phenomena. Does that indicate that many of us came to this planet at this time with a special purpose? I think so. Unfortunately, the amnesia of humanness and the effects of gravity have caused us to forget. It is like going into a grocery store. When you get there, you can't remember what you needed to buy. Yet you are certain that there was something very important for you to purchase. You walk up and down the aisles trying to jog your memory and nothing seems to do the trick. You begin to believe that you imagined having a purpose for even going to the grocery store; yet, you can't get rid of the nagging feeling that a purpose does, in fact, exist. Eventually, you give up the search and upon arriving home you suddenly remember what it was that you forgot. Unfortunately, that is where this metaphor ends. Although you might kick yourself for forgetting something at the grocery store, you can return to the market and no harm is done. In real life, however, if you don't remember your purpose until you "return home", there is no returning to your life to re-do what you forgot. If you "return home", so to speak, your body is likely six feet under.

With this in mind, it suddenly becomes very urgent to remember why you came here.

Many people who are on the planet today do, in fact, have a special purpose. I am certain that the mere fact that you are reading this article clearly indicates that you are one of those extra-ordinary people. Our planet is going through an amazing metamorphism that can be metaphorically described as the caterpillar emerging from its cocoon. Those of us who are called to perform a mission of some sort provide the vehicles to help bring this immense change forth. Your special purpose is being that vehicle.

Your Purpose is Expressed by Being Who You Really Are!

Many people believe that a person's gifts or talents are their purpose, but this is not true. Your gifts and talents are NOT your purpose. They are simply the way in which your purpose is expressed out in the world. Many people uncover their gifts or reveal their talents without ever identifying or living their purpose. Even the most brilliant gifts and talents are void and meaningless without being driven by purpose.

Your purpose desires to be lived through you.

Although you are not your purpose, your purpose requires to be lived through you. In order for your purpose to be lived through you, you must be Who You Really Are. In essence, your purpose is simply to uncover and express Who You Really Are. As an effect of being true to yourself, your purpose is revealed and lived through you - effortlessly. When you are authentic in your self-expression and all filters, hesitation and inhibitions have been lifted, your purpose will not be withheld. Stop looking for your purpose - simply walk the path of self-discovery: Heal your old wounds, dissolve your false beliefs, uncover what you enjoy most in life and simply follow the voice of your intuition. Your purpose will reveal itself simply by following your inner guidance without the confusing filters of limitations that are caused by stories you tell yourself and others. Once you clear your mind of self-imposed limitations, you will hear your purpose speak to you through your dreams and desires.

Your Purpose is Being Communicated to You through Your Dreams and Desires

The best way one's purpose can be communicated from a higher power is through dreams and desires. When we have dreams and deep desires, a higher power is actually "praying" to us - directing us to our purpose. Unfortunately, most people dismiss their dreams and desires as frivolous or misdirected, or they feel undeserving to fulfill them. Your dreams and desires are actually Universal Alarm Clocks - waking you up to your purpose through your thoughts, emotions and visions. How else would you expect your higher power to communicate with you - through a license plate, an email or a billboard? O.K - yes, your higher power does communicate with you in all those ways too (like through this article), but it first starts with a flutter of something inside - a hunch, a gut feeling, a sense of curiosity, a wish, a dream, a desire - you get it! All this time that you have been praying to your higher power - it has been praying to you! Are you listening now?

Challenges often provide the growth we need in order to become the person we need to be so that we can fulfill our purpose

You may have had the experience of listening to your dreams and desires and that higher power "let you down". I assure you - if you have the desire and you are willing to follow through, your higher power is acting and reacting perfectly, in support of you. Sometimes you must overcome challenges to achieve your dreams but that may actually be in your highest good - and necessary for the fulfillment of what you came here to do.

Life will provide the necessary growth for you, in the most perfect ways - uniquely for you. When I was just sixteen, I experienced what would be considered a horrifically abusive relationship which nearly took my life. After I found the death defying courage and strength to get out of that relationship, I discovered an intrinsic desire to help other people overcome similar types of challenges. Within a few years, I was working at a crisis hotline, suicide hotline and domestic violence emergency help center. I was also going to universities, high schools and other community organizations and speaking out about the warning signs of dating and domestic violence and what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous relationship. After a few years of doing this intensely satisfying work, I realized that this wasn't my ultimate purpose so I continued to follow that "voice inside" until I found myself on a path of coaching others in transforming their lives - and helping them discover and live their purpose. Without the initial challenges of overcoming the abuse, I might have never discovered my special purpose. Your challenges grow you into becoming the person you need to be in order to fulfill your purpose. Life has a brilliant plan for you - follow her lead and all will be revealed.

Your Purpose is always what you can contribute to the World!

Purpose is always what we give or contribute to the world and never what we need or take. In fact, our personal needs stop us from uncovering our purpose because those needs require filling, in order to get to the deeper levels of who we are. If you are starving, you are probably not thinking of feeding others. All basic physical and emotional needs that support living must be met in order for you to reach a higher level of fulfilling a dream or desire. If you are feeling unloved and undeserving, it is often hard to even contemplate what you might have to offer the world. If you are looking to others to meet your needs, you are not in the place of offering any value. True purpose-filled value comes from a person whose needs are at least satisfied enough so that she has extra energy to give - the more filled the needs are, the more there is to give. When personal needs go un-met, there is no real energy left over to share with anyone - to give unconditional value.

The trick to meeting your needs is to do exactly that - meet your own needs. No one other than you can do it for you. You are the only one who can fulfill every need you have - even if it appears that it can only be done through others. If it does appear that a need can only be met through others, you are not listening to the deeper need that is being expressed beneath a more superficial one. In other words, if you believe that you can only be happy if you are in a romantic partnership, you are missing the deeper need that is asking you to love yourself. Ironically, once you meet this need, the love of your life is likely to show up as a mirror for your already fulfilled need. If you need or want something, give it to yourself first and then watch the world conspire to manifest that very thing in your life.

Your purpose stands alone - it does not need any reward in return. Living your purpose is your reward. If you are doing one thing in order to get another, you are not living your purpose. Your purpose can only be lived from a pure heart - without conditions, or the need for gratification or reward. So, if our purpose does not come from need, greed or even our gifts, where does it come from? Our purpose always comes from the value we offer to the world. This value comes in a form of energy. It might be packaged as being a healer, a teacher, a writer or a speaker but those things are simply the way our purpose is most effectively expressed. The value that you have to offer the world is contained within the healing, teaching, writing or speaking you do, for example. The value is the energy that you share with others - just by being your most true and authentic self - just by being who you really are! Maybe that value is to inspire others to their greatest potential, or to unlock abundance, or to connect with others in profound ways, or simply to love.

The Root of All Purpose is LOVE!

Yes, of course, at the root of all purpose is love. So, to jump to the punch line - your purpose here on this planet, today and every day, is simply to love. The great news is that there is a multitude of opportunities that will enable you to connect with your root purpose. Instead of spending your life looking for your purpose, start living the core of that purpose right now - simply by sharing and expressing love in everything you do. Love is the voice that is calling you! You can answer that call now. When we keep putting it off until tomorrow, we soon discover that all our tomorrows turned into yesterdays and yesterdays are the only thing we have left. The interesting thing is that once you decide to start "living love" in all areas of your life, that special purpose you have forgotten is unexpectedly revealed to you - through being Who You Really Are!

Yes, in the mind of someone who "lives love", purpose easily rises to the surface. Imagine how it will surprise you with its gifts - with your gifts. Before you know it, you will be the perfect person to express exactly what you came here to express. When we "live love", we automatically look for opportunities to express love. Often one or more of those opportunities will lead you directly to your unique and divine path. But, you can't lose either way because the very experiencing of loving is the state that will fulfill you most and it probably won't even matter to you if you remember that special thing you were supposed to do or not. Be Who You Realty Are, follow your intuition and allow everything you do and say to flow out of love - this is the formula for discovering your purpose - and living your best life possible!

Be the love you want to see in the world and watch YOUR World change before your eyes.

With Grace and Gratitude

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