Distraction is Impossible!

Nanice Ellis

Never Be Distracted Again! 

The concept of distraction is impossible. It's an illusion. Distracted from what exactly? That would mean that one thing is more important than another. It sure seems like it is but nothing could be further from this higher truth. When we believe that we are distracted from something, the distraction that requires our attention is judged as a needy thief, so we are never really present with it; in other words, we are distracted from the distraction. If we aren't present with even the distraction, then the liklihood that we were present with the thing we are distracted from is not very good. Only when we bring a certain presence to everything in our lives, do we realize the concept of distraction is really only in our minds. When we are truly present, nothing is a distraction.

The other day, I was diligently working on an important article that would help a great many people. My 3 month old puppy, Neo, came into the room and proudly pooped on the floor. When I got up to clean it up, Neo got under my feet and in an attempt to avoid him, I fell into his steamy little present. Once on the floor, he smoothed me with puppy kisses. In the past, I certainly would have reacted like that whole thing was a nuisance that distracted me from my important work. I don't feel that way anymore. Tell me how I could really know for sure that writing a transformational article is more important than cleaning up my puppy's poop?

A funny thing happened after I got to the place of questioning what is really important in my life; in my surprise and delight I discovered that it was ALL really important. Every moment of everyday for my entire life is equally important. I've traveled the world and visited many sacred sites; such as the Great Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehedge in the U.K, Machu Picu in Peru, Delphi in Greece and others, only to ultimately discover that my messy cinder block garage is no less sacred and spiritual. I am not saying that everything is the same; just the opposite! Every thing is unique, special and deserves to be honored. Once I got this in my cells, the idea of being distracted by something or anything became ridiculous. Once I knew the experiencer, me to be the common denominator in all my experiences, I knew that I was the only one making something more important, desirable or sacred than some thing else; this goes for people too. Now don't get me wrong, I choose to spend most of my time with my children and best friends; however, I am equally as thrilled to spend time with anyone, anywhere.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a seminar in Denver Colorado where I had the opportunity to spend time with some very powerful leaders. The last night, I walked to a local convenience store; it was a beautiful night and something told me to go the long way. I was walking all alone in the dark; at about 11 p.m, I saw someone lying in the grass with about 5 dilapidated bags strewn around. Reasonable deduction told me it was an older woman having a challenging time and no place to call home. I took some money out of my pocket and gently approached her, asking her permission to help her out with some money.

As I gave her the money, I sat down next to her on the lawn; for 30 minutes, we talked, we prayed and she cried in my arms. She told me that no one's ever been so kind and loving towards her; and that everyone usually treats her as an inconvenience or won't even look at her because she is a worthless distraction; and this is how she had learned to see herself. My gift to her was a dose of hope and faith in the embrace of a "stranger's" arms. Her gift to me was her love, open heart and the willingness to deeply connect. When I finally got up to leave, she grabbed my hand and pleaded "please don't forget me." "Impossible" I thought.

Can you prove to me that anyone is ever really a distraction? A distraction from what exactly?; from the "important and powerful' people? If that seems true, and it usually does, it is caused by the illusion that money and power make a person more valuable. or because, you need something from someone. When your own needs are fulfilled by you, and you don't need anything from anyone, you begin to see everyone as equally beautiful. You can still choose who you want to spend time with and what to do but if someone else appears and requires your attention, it is never a distraction.

My dear dad was obsessed with football while I was growing up. By the time I was five, I figured out cute ways to get his attention. One day, while he was glued to two football games on two television sets, and a baseball broadcast from a radio plugged in his ear, I dressed up like a cheerleader; with boots, pom poms and the whole outside. When I stood in front of the t.v'.s and did my cheer, he simply looked around me so he didn't miss a minute of the games. Somewhere in his 70's, he stopped watching all sports. Until he died at 81, whenever someone asked him what he wanted to do, he always said the same thing, "I don't care what I do, I just want to be with the family"; he meant it. Before he passed, he told me that he was so sorry that he had treated me, and the things I was interested in, like a distraction.

My truth is that whatever is before me at any moment, is exactly what I need to focus on; otherwise it wouldn't be there. When I am fully present with what is before me, I realize that everything that calls my attention is divine in nature; by knowing that, I often witness divinity reveal itself through flat tires, dead batteries and even cell phones that won't stop ringing. We simply can not do life wrong! What a relief.

In grace & gratitude,

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