Dream Realization

Nanice Ellis

When your dream seems even further out of reach,
don't stop believing. Believe even more.

Often when we approach the realization of our dreams,
there is great fog before the top of the mountain.

Many turn back upon reaching the fog,
in disbelief that their dreams are near or even possible.

The fog is not the time to turn back and give up.
The fog is the time to recommit to your dream,
and keep going.

Just because you can't see the mountain top
doesn't mean it is not there.

Think about where fog resides...
...is it not hoovering just below the peak of the mountain?

How many turn back just because they believe circumstance or conditions?
Circumstances and conditions are not to be believed.
They are lies.
They are deceptive.
They are designed by life to separate the real dreamers from the lazy.

What it takes to pass the fog is becoming the person
who is already on top of the mountain,
looking down on the path that got him there,
in reverence, respect and gratitude,
for he knows that it was the path that molded him
into the person he had to become in order to realize the dream.

The realization of the dream always comes with sacrifice;
sacrifice of disbelief, doubt, self-criticism, ego, self pity,
and ones past self.

No one makes it to the mountain top with any of these inner burdens.

The fog represents all that the dreamer has carried with him up to this point.
The fog seems heavy and impassable, but fog is just fog.
It is intangible.
Try to capture a jar of fog.
It is impossible.
There is nothing there.
Nothing to hold on.

To make it to the top of the mountain, in dream realization,
one must let go of everything that clouds his vision,
and as he does, the clouds lift and the fog is gone.

Often one realizes that he is only steps from the top of the mountain.

In grace & gratitude,

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