Nanice Ellis

What does it look like to be enlightened?

Nanice Ellis

As enlightened beings we...

Play the game of life full on, knowing that as intrinsically perfect and powerful beings we cannot actually be harmed; our eternal selves are always completely safe in the universe. We understand that no matter how serious or dangerous life may seem, it is just a game we play in order to uncover who we really are. Believe that no matter where we are, we are never left alone or in the dark. We know that even when our current perception is fear, we are safely bathed by infinite light and love. We know the presence of unseen forces, and we accept the divine healing and whispered guidance of a Higher Power. Laugh at mistakes and mishaps and do not judge ourselves or each other because we know that judgment is merely an earthly way to keep score. We know that there is no judgment - no wrong or right - in the higher realms; only that which takes us to equally meaningful experiences. We never judge ourselves because we remember that to judge our humanity means to separate us from the oneness of who we really are. Find gifts in our challenges. We know that the game of life offers us infinite opportunities to learn, grow and become aware of who we really are. We accept challenges as gifts to uncover all the layers of who we are and who we are not and to learn the very lessons that we have asked to learn in another un-remembered dimension. We trust that all that comes to us is perfect for our growth and enlightenment. Know that we are always at choice even if sometimes it is only within. We enhance and focus our power by taking complete responsibility for our thoughts and actions; and we enhance the quality of our lives by constantly finding the best possible thoughts and interpretations which support our highest good and the good of others. See many sides to the same situation and honor the opinions of others. We appreciate each other's experiences and perspectives. We know that to belittle or condemn any one is to disrespect a vital part of ourselves because we are all connected. We know that no matter how much any of us screw up, we are all still inherently powerful and perfect; and unconditionally accepted within the oneness of who we really are. Appreciate all that we have but are not attached to possessions as a definition of who we are. We are truly grateful for our physical existence and all the experiences that come with it. We also look within - past the physical imperfection - and see the eternal power that is inherently ours and the intrinsic perfection of who we are. Fearlessly know we cannot be harmed. We act on our self-examined beliefs in the best way we can and if the results are not what we thought they would look like, we do not see it as failure - but rather feedback; we see that the opposite of success is not failure, but adventure. That is why we are here. Live by faith as a way of life. We intuitively act on faith despite evidence to the contrary. Faith is easy for us, for we know that freedom comes to us naturally as we release attachment to outcomes and simply do what seems right in the moment. We know that our higher consciousness is our true mind and sees and knows and understands much better than our five pound mortal brain. Express ourselves freely and openly, trusting that by staying in integrity with our truth it will support all. We respond from our higher consciousness and tend not to second guess ourselves because we know that by trusting our insight we are using a higher sight. Stand firmly in our power, having clear boundaries so that we can freely express love.

In grace & gratitude,

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