Faith stops Manifestation

Nanice Ellis

KNOWING is the Secret to Manifestation!

Most people rely on faith when trying to manifest that which they want. Faith, however, doesn't manifest anything because it lacks intention and the emotional energy to fuel a manifestation. It is relaxed and passive; hoping and trusting that all will be taken care of.

Faith is a much lower vibration emotion that most people realize. Yes, it is a path that can one day get you to the real secret of conscious manifestation which is KNOWING, but most people get locked into faith as the final destination; they don't realize that the concept and experience of faith is just a bridge to KNOWING.

Be careful not to mistake the bridge for the destination.

The truth is that you don't need faith. You need KNOWING! Can you feel the energetic difference between faith and KNOWING? So, how can you possibly KNOW something that hasn't happened yet? You know it because you choose it. You imagine the reality you desire and then you say yes to it by choosing it. When you really choose something, you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is good as done. You know this because you have committed to that which you have chosen and have absolutely decided that you will never give up; you will attain it and nothing will stop you! When this REAL Choice has occurred, the Universe conspires in your behalf and all sorts of synchronicity and miracles occur to manifest that which you have chosen.

You can't fool the Universe; it knows when you have chosen and when you haven't

Once you choose and commit to that which you desire, don't look for evidence and proof that it has worked; that is not choosing; that is testing. If you test, you don't KNOW. When you know, there is no need for tests. Do you test that you are a human? Do you test that you are alive? Of course not, you just KNOW.

Conscious Manifestation requires absolute certainty and KNOWING. What the Secret and most other materials on manifestation don't tell you is that the"KNOWING it is done" is the secret ingredient to consciously creating. You can visualize, affirm and stay faithful all you want and that does very little to manifest what you want. When you KNOW that you are manifesting what you have chosen, committed to and commanded. manifestation is ignited. Think about it, if we really are the creators of our life and our reality, a simple careless thought or negative intention would manifest unconscious chaos all over unless there was a safeguard. That safe-guard is that we must ignite the thought and/or our words by KNOWING it is already done. In stead of testing and anxiously awaiting, we simply know and expect reality is reorganizing itself around our KNOWING. One last thought; believe it or not, Jesus did not have faith. He knew who he was so nothing was left to chance. In the context of knowing Who You Really Are, faith does not exist. If Jesus didn't KNOW he was the creator and only had faith that he was, he would not have become the archetype we know as Jesus. His KNOWING is what separated him from the crowd and especially from his followers. If you KNOW, you don't need to follow. "Following" comes from just having faith. Leading comes from KNOWING. For an additional article that speaks specifically about the truth of faith, go to

With Grace and Gratitude

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