Faith - why you don't need it

Nanice Ellis

Releasing Faith and manifesting what you want

Faith is not what you have imagined it to be. It is not some illusive mystery that hangs outside of you, or some magical energy that will take care of all the details. Certainly, it does appear as those things, but upon careful introspection, it is something much different. Something much less mysterious yet so much more powerful. Faith can only be measured in reference to choosing what you want in life; in a purpose, in a path, in a lifestyle, in a partner and everything else that you can possible make a choice about. Are you seeing a lot of words that don't say anything? Well, let me explain. When you have finally CHOSEN something, faith disappears in that area of your life. Faith is only tangible when we haven't yet chosen because we are still holding on for some divine guidance to show us the way or make the choice for us. Once we have CHOSEN, faith melts away into KNOWING. There is suddenly nothing to have faith about. Because you have chosen, you absolutely know the outcome - of course you do - you chose it and nothing will stop you. Once you choose and know the outcome, because you will not settle for or tolerate anything less, there is no longer anything to have faith about. When you choose something, you know it and when you know it, no faith is involved. Do you have "faith" about what you know or don't know? Please don't misunderstand - I am all in support of faith but when it is used as a crutch instead of owning your life and making conscious deliberate choices, it is no longer faith. True faith is invisible and invincible and dances within "knowing" seamlessly.

Whenever I see faith being used as a crutch, I see that a choice is awaiting to be made

If you disagree with any of this, I invite you to look again and possibly see where you have not yet chosen in certain areas of your life. Sometimes we think we have chosen but we haven't. I will tell you this, however; if you are wondering if you have chosen something, a path or mate for example, then I am quite certain you haven't. When you finally do choose something, there is no doubt left to entertain - the idea of whether you have chosen or not is absurd. It is like wondering if the sun will rise tomorrow or not. Your choice is unquestionable and the possibility of it being any other way would be equally as drastic as the kind of crisis that could prevent the sun from rising. Before I chose "my path", I experienced a great deal of faith - the faith to guide me and bring the right opportunities to me and more. But once I chose my path, I absolutely knew that a higher power was guiding me and bringing divine opportunities to me. I no longer had to convince myself of anything. Faith magically disappeared into the light of choosing my path and knowing my destiny. It doesn't get any cooler than this!

Believe it or not, Jesus did not have faith. He knew who he was so nothing was left to chance. In the context of knowing Who You Really Are, faith does not exist.

Do you think Tiger Woods had/has faith or he simply "knows" and in the knowing he creates exactly what he chooses. This is the secret of his success and that of every other truly successful person. It is also the secret of manifestation that no one ever tells you about. Hmmmm........ The simple message today is to CHOOSE what you want and stop waiting for outside sources to tell you are deserving or confirmation that it is good thing to want or wait for it to be given to you on a golden platter. Simply CHOOSE what you want without hesitation, compromise or apology. And, when you do, faith will become something you effortlessly breathe - and it will never be something you have to "do" or "need to have" ever again.

In grace & gratitude,

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