Feminine Evolution!

Nanice Ellis

To all women who have ever been suppressed, restrained or disempowered, I’m here to say, it’s time to reclaim your Feminine Power!

However, to do so, it’s important to first understand how this power was lost.

Throughout the course of recorded history, competition and survival of the fittest have set the stage for a high stakes game of power and control via manipulation and force, and because the ends have justified the means, the result has been war, poverty, and every issue known to humanity. With the instinct to protect children and preserve family, most women tend not to play this destructive game, and, as a result, men primarily held positions of power throughout history.

Consequently, being stripped of natural rights, women became prime targets for disempowerment. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that married women were considered legal property of their husbands, and before that their fathers, and because property owners had all the rights and “property” had none, men possessed full power and women were powerless.

No doubt, generation after generation, women have been emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even physically shackled with powerlessness, and little changed until the 1960’s.

The Feminine Revolution

After a long history of feminine disempowerment, the Feminine Movement opened the door to empowerment, and, although a necessary step that allowed women to claim power and position in the world, it was not without adverse effects.

Without female role models, many women modeled the male-version of power, and, in fact, to “break into” a man’s world and play the “male game,” women became like men – often taking on masculine personas that allowed them to compete for money, status, and power. Indeed, to play the “game,’ women learned to put logic over love, profits over people, and competition over cooperation, and, before long, heart-centered choices were superseded by the bottom line.  Unfortunately, as women rejected these feminine attributes, the cost for playing the game was self-suppression.  “Suppression of the feminine” resulted in repressed emotions, disconnection from intuition, rejection of authenticity, etc…

As women took on powerful male personas and rejected femininity, men questioned their own identities, and this resulted in role dysphoria. Confused, but wanting to respect women, many men became timid in their masculinity, and even took on feminine roles in intimate relationships. Hindsight, with women masquerading as men, and men not sure how to be themselves, the Feminine Movement resulted in a fundamental imbalance.

Even today, the combination of feminine suppression, role dysphoria, and the multitudes of power games between the sexes perpetuates society’s imbalance, and the negative ripple effect is seen everywhere.

The Game is Rigged!

Although many women have mastered the “male game,” the game itself is rigged, and we are all losers. Whether men or women are playing, the game has resulted in grave collateral damage – clearly demonstrated by environmental destruction, species extinctions, poverty, war, and global warming.

Any game that allows game players to pillage Mother Earth for resources until she is dry and unable to support humanity is a game that cannot ever be won. As my wise son, Dustin, once said, “Sometimes, the only way to win is not to play!”

So, let’s not wait for the game to end with destruction or extinction. Instead, let’s restore balance! Indeed, for humanity to heal, women must reclaim their Feminine Power so that they have a strong voice in the world; not louder than men, but rather in harmony. Studies show that when women participate in peace talks and mediation, longer periods of peace are experienced by both sides.

Although masculine power has been used and abused by both sexes, Feminine Power is yet to be realized and mastered, and, believe me, there’s a vast difference between the two.

My Dear Sisters,

It’s time to embrace your Feminine Power! However, this doesn’t mean that you have to change the world, be the voice of peace, or invent some life-changing figamagig. Of course, you could if you want to, but, if you are like most women, the Feminine Evolution quietly unfolds in the privacy of your personal life. You participate in the Feminine Evolution by claiming your power in the ways that are appropriate to you. Instinctively, you know where you’re giving your power away (it’s the same places you’re giving away your energy or feeling depleted, hopeless, powerless, etc..).

Oftentimes, we believe that one person can’t make a difference, but this is simply not true. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the participation of every self-empowered woman counts, and when enough women join the Feminine Evolution, we’ll surpass a pivotal threshold, and the entire world will evolve accordingly. Therefore, you do your part, and I’ll do mine!

Furthermore, once grounded in the Divine Feminine, we can empower the men in our lives to discover the Divine Masculine, and, together, cultivate a new paradigm for relationships.

Embracing the Feminine Evolution

Here are 9 ways to claim your power and participate in the Feminine Evolution:

  • Be Responsible
Before you can claim your Feminine Power, you must release any remaining “damsel in distress” fantasies, and stop waiting to be saved. Instead, you must be fully responsible for every aspect of your life, and, in fact, the more responsibility you own, the more power you possess. Therefore, to be fully empowered, you can never blame others or shift responsibility in any way. Please read my article, “Damsels in Distress – Save Yourself!”

  • Own Your Worth
To embrace your Feminine Power, you must never compromise values or sacrifice integrity to prove or improve worth. Therefore, without playing the Worthiness Game, it’s important to make sure that your actions, choices, and behavior are not influenced by the need for acceptance or the fear of rejection.

  • Conscious Choices
Although it’s important to be open-minded and willing to consider all views, never rely on another’s opinion. Instead, be an independent thinker who draws her own conclusions. Moreover, to make conscious choices in all you do, don’t allow guilt or obligation to have a say or manipulate your point of view. Even when it goes against the grain or contradicts common beliefs, always trust inner guidance over and above all else!

  • Authentic Expression
Your Feminine Power will grow in direct proportion to fearless self-expression. So, without the need for permission or approval, develop the confidence to speak openly and truthfully, and never waste your time trying to protect someone’s feelings. Yes, you can be compassionate without paying the price with self-suppression.

  • Be Vulnerable
Although you should always stand for what you believe, remember that there is great power in vulnerability. So, instead of repressing feelings, have the courage to demonstrate heart-centered communication. However, to be open and vulnerable, you’ll definitely need strong boundaries.

  • Grow Some Boundaries
Teach others how to treat you with respect, and when someone crosses a boundary, immediately let them know, and to avoid potential disempowerment, don’t expect anyone to “know better” or be a mind-reader. Your power depends on clear communication.

  • Forgo Self-Judgment
Stop giving your power to negativity, and since you cannot judge yourself without fueling disempowerment, stop complaining, competing, and comparing. Indeed, to cultivate confidence, forgo self-judgment and focus on your strengths.

  • Don’t Compromise Values
Always stand for what you believe, and do your best to be trustworthy - so you can trust yourself! Therefore, never compromise your values to please others, nor, depend on anyone to validate your choices. Hence, don’t choose to “placate” in lieu of “rocking the boat.” Maybe the boat needs some rocking, or maybe it’s time to appoint yourself captain and set sail to a new destination.

  • Teach Mutual Respect
By modeling honor and respect towards others, you’ll naturally teach people how to treat each other. However, if you take a stand for someone in need, be conscious that your actions don’t disempower the one you stand for, and, whenever possible, empower others to help themselves. And, if you need to hold someone accountable for their actions, do so without condemnation or judgment.

Get Over It!

No doubt, in order to be fully empowered as the Divine Feminine, you must get over the fear of being judged, and along with it, the fear of being alone, and, while you’re at it, why not face failure, and get over that too! As captain of your own ship, there’s plenty of opportunities to “course correct,” and, yes, your boat is now a ship! So, always remember that you have the power to navigate your life, and, most of all, never apologize for being who you really are!

Finally, by embracing the Divine Feminine, there’s a new way to do business in the world. By advocating the dissolution of boarders and putting an end to separation, we have the power to cultivate heart-centered commerce; putting people above profits, cooperation above competition, and collaboration above ownership.

As the Divine Feminine emerges, there’s a new song playing and a new dance to be learned by all!

In love, grace & gratitude,

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