Forgivness - Re-Interpreting the Past!

Nanice Ellis

Forgiveness organically happens when the past is healed. All healing is simply a Re-Interpretation of what we think happened. The truth is, we never really know what happened. So here is the trick that I use for healing; simply go to God and ask "Show me a greater truth about what really happened." Suddenly, I see and understand things I could have never imagined. This higher truth always dissolves my small story of what I think happened to me - and I am freed. Here is how it works: I had a boyfriend for many years who didn't treat me very well - in fact, he did everything he could to dis-empower me; of course he never saw it this way and, in fact, experienced things quite differently. Years after the relationship was done and over I still had pains of resentment come up every now and again. Finally, I couldn't take it any more so I gave it to God and asked "Show me the truth about this relationship." At that request, I was shown lifetimes that we shared together - at first it made me even madder; this "****" has been dis-empowering me for centuries and I've been letting him!" I saw that he has been "following" me from life to life and the same pattern was playing over and over and over! This new information kept me upset for a few days and then it occurred to me that that was not the entire truth. I went back to God and asked to see an even Greater truth. Then I got it! I went all the way back to the moment that we made "The Contract"; in this contract, he promised to protect the Sacred Knowledge that I carried by protecting me. The best way to protect this knowledge would be to keep me hidden from myself; in other words, to stop me from remembering who I really am. If I don't remember who I am, the knowledge is safe and protected. If I can't remember "me," I can't remember the knowledge. The Sacred Knowledge hidden within a being is only discovered and revealed when that being remembers who they really are; a bee can't make honey if it thinks it is a cat - it must remember who it is in order to make the honey. There are many Sacred Knowledge holders on the planet and many have been killed over many life times. The Sacred Knowledge had to be carried from life time to life time in order to reach the time in history when it was intended to be released; the Time of Enlightenment. This time is now and is a huge part of what is happening on this planet. Many people who have been abused and dis-empowered for life times have simply been carriers of Sacred Knowledge. These same people are now waking up and freeing themselves so that the knowledge that they carry can also be freed in order to do what it was always intended to do; FREE Humanity! Back to my story; so when this man agreed to protect this knowledge inside of me, "we agreed" that the best way to do that would be to keep me dis-empowered so I would not remember my true self. This man then followed me from one life time to another upholding this promise. He was a loyal man in this life time and in every preceding one as well - I had picked the right person for the job. My relationship with this man went on for over 10 years in this lifetime until it was finally time to awaken and remember who I Really Am; and in so doing, the Sacred Knowledge was awakened because I had become the strong and powerful person I needed to be in order to share this Sacred Knowledge as it was intended to be shared. What is this Sacred Knowledge that I share? I share it daily on my Radio Shows, Books, DivineSpirations and in every breath I take. It is who I am; this Sacred Knowledge and I are one in the same. ~~~~~~~~ When you reach this level of awareness, not only is there nothing to forgive, there is Complete and Abundant Gratitude. The Healing is complete. If you haven't reached this level of Forgiveness and Gratitude, you haven't gone far enough - go back and ask again. I Love You SO Very Much!!!

In grace & gratitude,

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