Freedom Through Forgiveness

Nanice Ellis

The easiest path to Freedom is through Forgiveness. 

All prisons first occur within our minds by
mentally punishing ourselves and others through guilt, regret and judgment.
These are the mental and energetic prisons
that create the physical or tangible prisons in our lives. 

When the world or your life is making you feel trapped or dependent,
it is a symptom of an internal prison that you are creating for yourself.
Nothing happens in the external world that does not first originate internally.

To free yourself from unhealthy relationships, situations and experiences,
you must first free your mind. 

You free your mind through forgiveness....

by forgiving the thoughts and beliefs that create, attract or tolerate the external prison. 
Forgiving thoughts and beliefs means that you Give them Up.
You let go of them and give them up to a higher power so that your higher power
can transform the error in thinking and heal the erroneous beliefs that imprison you. 

I forgive my guilt.
I forgive my regret.
I forgive my judgment of myself and  others.

As you Free Your Mind, you Free Your World.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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