Head vs. Heart

Nanice Ellis

There are two types of power; one that comes from the head
and one that comes from the heart. 

The power that comes from the head is controlling,
manipulative and motivated by limiting beliefs of
unworthiness, separation, fear and not enough.

The power that comes from the heart is allowing,
open and inspired by love, possibilities and connection.

The power of the head is often oriented to the future,
while the power of the heart is ever so present and
knows what to do, when it is the moment to do. 

A hard-headed power is a false power because
it can not see all there is to see.

The power that flows through your heart
is the power of an all-seeing Source
and knows how to inspire you
so that it always works out in your favor,
and everyone elses.

When we release control and drop into
infinite trust, the seas part, the world
loves us and we live happily ever after -
every day. 

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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