Hold the Picture - Secret of Manifesting!

Nanice Ellis

Hold the Picture Secret of Manifesting!

How do you know that something has been manifested for you in your future? Simple, you have a "picture" of it. Once you have a picture of the future in your mind, you are SEEING the future. The picture is actually taken in the future and shown to you now. Once the picture is created, a story must be divinely written that will connect the present moment with the picture you hold in your mind. In other words, when you choose a picture of your life for the future, there is a story that is instantly and unconsciously written. This story connects this moment and that future moment. The story then gets played out in your life without any effort on your part. You simply must be responsive to what is being asked of you and literally "go with the flow" - the flow will take you to where you want to go and that is the point. Think of the Story as a path that gets you from point A to Point B; how else would you get to Point B? You need the story! Otherwise you would be traveling through time, which is fine if you choose it but then you miss the whole party - just like Adam Sandler did in the movie "Click." The tricky part to manifesting is "enjoying the ride" (enjoying the story) until you reach that time in your life where the picture you hold exists in reality. It is only painful when we tell stories about the story - "Oh, this is so hard, nothing is happening, etc...". Can you just enjoy the story without commentary? This is the secret to a peaceful and happy life. So you want a step by step? 1. Picture only that which you do want. 2. Keep fine tuning the picture until it is clear and bright. 3. Don't EVER give up the picture (unless you consciously choose something better). 4. Assume that every moment of your life, from the origin of the picture to the manifestation of the picture, is the Story Playing Out to get you to where you want to go. 5. Relax and be Grateful! Oh, Yeh, and remember the Love Part! After all, Love is always the Magic Ingredient! ~~~~~ For Our World - Keep SEEING Heaven on Earth: Right Now, as we all Hold a Picture of Peace and Harmony on Earth and Abundance and Health for All, the story is playing out as it is; this includes all the chaos in the world and in your life. Evidently, everything that is happening is necessary in order to manifest this glorious picture of a New Earth. So don't give up, keep seeing Heaven on Earth. It is done. It is done. It is DONE!!! It will all work out - just perfectly! I Love You! Nanice

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