Holes In Reality

Nanice Ellis

Our minds are constantly filing in the details so that reality seems real.
When those odd and unexplainable things do happen, we ignore them or make up stories to make them make sense.

If you want to see the dream state in action, then stop ignoring those odd and unexplainable things - stop trying to explain them! Pay attention to the holes in reality and you will begin to see more and more holes, until the only explanation left is that this must be a dream.

I can give you hundreds of stories from my life but here is one of my favorite.

In 2009 I went to Burning Man in the Nevada dessert for the first time. You may know that there is no exchange of money at Burning Man so the need for cash is non-existent. Upon arriving, I stuck my purse into my suitcase and didn't think about it for a week. When I was ready to drive home at the end of the week, I looked for it in the place that I thought I had left it, but it wasn't there. Was it stolen? Did I leave it somewhere else? Where was it? I looked everywhere but could not find it. l kept thinking that it would show up. When I got home, I went through everything in search of it. It was a medium size leather purse, containing about a hundred dollars, my passport, and lots of other things. It wasn't a tiny little bag that could disappear. I kept asking myself, what is the most likely place that it would be? The answer was that is was in the big suitcase that I brought to Burning Man. So I looked again and again in this suitcase. I tore it apart looking for my purse. I asked others to look in this suitcase as well. Every crevice was gone through. I probably looked through this suitcase about 30 times myself not counting the many times that others looked too.

Finally, I let go. It wasn't to be found. But a week later, I would think about it again. This went on for months. It was driving me crazy.The suitcase was quite beat up, and made itself out to the garbage but for some reason it never got into the garbage pail.

About 4 or 5 months after Burning Man, on a cold rainy night, I went out to the garbage to throw something away; to my surprise, I saw the wet and dilapidated suitcase leaning up against the garbage can. In that instant, I know that I would rip open the bag, toss my hand inside and pull out my purse. Without a single doubt, that is exactly what I did. I ripped open the side pocket, I threw my hand inside and like the biggest prize I ever found, I pulled out my purse.

How did this happen? I looked inside that same pocket more than 30 times and others did as well. It wasn't there! But now it was. I was holding it!

If we try to reason from a logical stand point, we would have to say that the purse had to be there but I kept missing it. If we try to reason from a metaphysical stand point, we might say that it was hidden in an alternate reality that I was only able to access from this state of knowing that it would be there.Or, we might say that an angel or guide brought it back to me. There are many metaphysical explanations.

But the one explanation that addresses this mystery
and every other mystery in the world
is that anything can happen in a dream.
This is the most logical explanation.
The one right before our eyes.
We are living in a dream.
We are dreaming, and anything can happen in a dream.
Anything can happen in a dream....

You can be, do or have anything,
not because you are deserving,
but because you are dreaming.

Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable or denying its existence,
what would happen if you began to re-frame all these odd experiences in terms of a dream? Might this approach loosen your hold on reality and allow you to see things as they really are, versus what you have been told and unconsciously believed.

Instead of covering up the holes in reality,
why don't you look for evidence
that reveals the dream to you?
You are not going crazy - you are dreaming.

Then the only question that remains is,
"How do I influence and manipulate my dream
in order to have the best dream imaginable?"

If you want to have a fabulous dream, take responsibility for everything in your dream, and if you don't like something, don't try to alter the dream or another person; instead find the part of you that is responsible for that which you don't like and heal it.

You have all the power.

In grace & gratitude,

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